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  1. Thanks Derek, I emailed Jim. I was kind of hoping someone might have a completed model for sale, I barely have opposable thumbs to complete one. Karl
  2. Don't suppose anyone has one of these for sale.
  3. Unfortunatley I’m in Dublin, tha ks for offer though
  4. I missed out on a few bids, don’t suppose anyone is willing to part with one in CIE livery
  5. Thomas worked on it with me, out in Malahide Castle, every Saturday in 1989 for about a year
  6. Oops, thought they were for sale.
  7. Hi, Will take Diesel Dawn, Irish Railway Memories, When Paddy worked on the Railway off you, if you want to PM me. Thanks Karl
  8. Looking for a copy of Rails Around Dublin and Railways of Ireland, Past and Present: Dublin is anybody is looking to part with them.
  9. How much does yours go for Dave ?
  10. I bought this before Christmas and ended up buying the new one from Ironroad. There are a few small issues like couplings missing from tender and carriages but nothing too major for skilled people in here. Its 110v from US. €150 in Dublin if anyone interested
  11. To be honest I'd love that set but would probably cost an arm and a leg between shipping and taxes, more than the actual selling cost probably
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