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  1. Is first one inchicore ?
  2. I bought this before Christmas and ended up buying the new one from Ironroad. There are a few small issues like couplings missing from tender and carriages but nothing too major for skilled people in here. Its 110v from US. €150 in Dublin if anyone interested
  3. To be honest I'd love that set but would probably cost an arm and a leg between shipping and taxes, more than the actual selling cost probably
  4. Whats the likelihood someone might have one or two of these for sale at a reasonable cost ?
  5. Just changed tagline, you’re right should be flying snail Thank, have seen some of the Bachmann ones alright, usually being sold at extortionate prices, will check other two.
  6. Is there coaches available with the Flying Snail symbol. I'm seen some of the Bachmann RPSI Mk2 coaches but it doesn't look like they have the symbol.
  7. Just wondering if anyone might have one of these their willing to part with.
  8. Thanks, I’m taking the one off Wrenneire
  9. Perfect, where are you and how much are you looking for it
  10. Thanks Jim, you'll have to excuse my ignorance, are they 181 class ? I might be interested if 141 doesn't work out.
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