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  1. New 06.15hrs Cork to Dublin non-stop Express service begins Mon 25th May No First Class ? 21 May 2015 The new service will have a journey time of 2 hours 15 minutes, arriving in Dublin Heuston at 08.30hrs. Minor changes to some other services also. We are delighted to introduce a new non-stop express service daily (Monday to Friday): •06.15hrs from Cork’s Kent Station to Dublin Heuston, with a journey time of 2 hours 15 minutes, arriving in Heuston Station at 08.30hrs. The new service operates from Monday 25th May onwards, and is being introduced following the approval of the National Transport Authority. The new express service is being introduced following customer research, with a particular demand identified for a faster morning service arriving in Dublin at 08.30hrs, to facilitate business meeting needs. This will be the only non-stop service of its type on our national network, and will enable customers to maximise the benefits of travelling with Iarnród Éireann – allowing productive use of time and offering free wifi, charge points for phones at every seat – while giving our best journey time. We intend for this to be the beginning of a series of continuing journey time improvements, including network upgrades to deliver further speed enhancements on all our services, to ensure the train is the most competitive option for customers As part of the introduction of the new 06.15hrs Cork to Dublin Express service, the following changes will also be implemented, following the approval of the National Transport Authority: •06.00hrs Cork to Dublin Heuston (Mon-Sat) will now depart at 05.55hrs, and operate 5 to 10 minutes earlier throughout. •04.55hrs Tralee to Mallow (Mon only) will now depart at 04.50hrs, and operate 5 to 8 minutes earlier throughout. •05.15hrs Westport to Dublin Heuston will now depart at 05.25hrs, and operate 6 to 10 minutes later throughout. •08.09hrs Newbridge to Dublin Heuston will now depart at 08.11hrs, and operate 2 minutes later throughout. •06.55hrs Athlone to Dublin Heuston (Sat only) will now depart at 07.05hrs and operate between 6 and 10 minutes later throughout.
  2. The Church

    Almost Finished this Downloaded Kit from http://www.scalescenes.com/
  3. Found this on Ebay

  4. http://catalogue.nli.ie/Search/Results?lookfor=%22+Railroads+Ireland+Dublin+%28County%29+1970-1980%22&type=Subject&filter%5B%5D=format%3A%22Photo%22&view=list http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000308352 http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000308351
  5. New 2014 Winter Releases We are pleased to announce that we will release Locos 208 & 209 in the original NIR blue livery, 230 "River Bandon" in the original "Enterprise" livery and 233 "River Clare" in "Enterprise" livery with yellow ends in time for the Model Railway Society of Ireland October show. Note that the photo above is one of our original Lima units and is for illustrative purpose only. We will provide photos when available. Due for arrival in November 2014 (in time for Christmas) will be the next batch of Mark II coaches in the CIE Supertrain livery.There will be a total of seven different coaches comprising of 1st, Composite, 3 x Standard class and an EGV.
  6. Seats on the Bus ?

    http://www.rte.ie/archives/2014/0718/631548-first-female-bus-conductors/ The seats on the bus don't look right ?
  7. InnoTrans 2014 Public Days 27 - 28 September 2014 Messe Berlin outdoor display and tracks 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Entrance: 2,50 € - free for children up to 14 years old Entrance South, S-Bahnhof "Messe Süd" http://www.innotrans.de/en/Visitor-Info/PublicDays/
  8. Ticket to ride

  9. Sligo line closed

    Found this in the Sligo weekender http://www.sligoweekender.ie THERE were more headaches for train commuters from Sligo to Dublin this week. Passengers were stranded on the afternoon Sligo to Dublin train for over three hours after the train broke down outside Collooney. 
The train left MacDiarmada Station in Sligo at 1pm, but came to a stop about a mile before Collooney Station. 
The passengers were left on the train until after 4pm, as it was considered unsafe to take them off. 
Iarnrod Eireann then sent a replacement engine from Dubin to tow the train into Collooney Station. Passenger then continued the journey by bus to Dublin from Collooney. The overall delay lasted for over three hours. 
The train was packed with passengers, and Iarnrod Eireann say they will all be entitled to a full refund. 
As a result of the breakdown, the 3pm service from Sligo to Dubin is now also being delayed. This follows delays all last week when commuters had to take the bus due to parts of the track being flooded. The problem is set to continue this week with parts of the track still submerged in rain water .http://sligoweekender.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/IMG-20140224-00454-540x484-300x268.jpg

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