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  1. Which station is this please?

    There is an entry on Archiseek which gives further photos and information about North Wall station http://archiseek.com/2010/irish-rail-freight-offices-north-wall-quay-dublin/ I have also found one or two other photos confirming that this is the station in my original post. Thanks again everyone for your help.
  2. Which station is this please?

    Many thanks for the replies.
  3. Any idea which station this is please? Looks like GS&WR stock. Maybe Limerick?
  4. Omagh GNRi Engineers Drawing

    Were you thinking of this as a home layout to build yourself or as a group layout? The big problem with even a relatively simple junction like this is the effort needed to build it and to operate it to its full potential when it is finished. Probably much more likely to succeed as a group layout?
  5. Hi there, Does anyone know the interior layout for this car, preferably before it became a trailer, please? With all that glass, the interior would be very obvious in a model. I want to get it right, if possible. Many thanks in anticipation. Rich

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