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  1. Hi All Has anyone any interest in getting some Cardboard shipping containers for their layouts . 40fts 20ft both n gauge and 00 Gauge. I was given a complete kit to print and make these. I will post some pictures later but I'm just testing the water to see if there is an interest on here. I can make all sorts Bell, Mersk, P and O K line etc etc If you are interested let me know. thanks Paudie
  2. Hi everyone I am selling the last of my 00 Gauge bits. If any of this stuff is of interest to anyone please message or ring me for details )087 2243229 Metcalfe 00 Gauge red brick terraced houses x 2 (kit form) 7euro ea Metcalfe 00 Gauge brick brewery (kit form) 8 euro Metcalfe 00 gauge warehouse (kit form) 8 euro Skaledale stone Irish station based on clonmel. 60euro skaledale stone irish engine shed to match above 45 euro skaledale stone barn. 40 euro skaledale machinery shed stone 30 euro skaledale farm house stone 35 euro skaledale red brick hotel 30 euro skaledale farm entrance/stables 25 euro skaledale farm house brick 35 euro skaledale cattle dock 20 euro skaledale platform cattledock 10 euro skaledale tricklepenny cottage 25 euro All buildings are Resin. I can not post the pictures here as the files are too big but if you text me I can send by text. Thanks in advance Paudie
  3. Hi All Just testing the water here Admin Delete if not Valid. It's been awhile since I have been on. I am looking to get some help. I have A Bachmann Screnecraft Irish station (Clonmel) and single Engine shed that I am considering selling. 60 euro for the station and 50 euro for the shed. I am trying to fund my N Gauge project. No idea of what these are going for at the moment so offers welcome. No boxes but in mint condition. Never made it on to the layout as I made the switch to N. If interested please PM. I will post some photos tonight. I also have some lovely Mefcalfe platforms complete with lights and people (Made for me by Michael Morris) Platforms about 4ft in length. 3 in total If there is any interest let me know Many thanks Paudie
  4. Hi All There is a friend of mine looking for help with point wiring. He has dismantled his old layout and has put in a run around layout. He salvaged all the motors and looms from the previous layout but he is looking for someone to put in the motors and wire to the control panel. Neither he or I have any electrical experience and he is daunted by what he would have to do. He is willing to pay someone to do this for him. About 15 motors to be installed. If anyone can help could you PM me please. Thanks in advance regards Paudie
  5. Murphys Models 141 Loco .1 Left

    Hi All. Just to let you know I have 1 Murphy Models 141 Loco left. It is MM0141 CLASS 141 CIE BLACK B141. Mint . Chipped, boxed and has all the additional detailing bits. Only ever test run. I will sell for 105 euro if anyone is interested. To everyone that bought the other locos from me...many thanks.! Paudie
  6. 8x4 baseboard for sale

    Hi all, I have a pair of baseboards I bought from Tom Hallihan but never actually used, so these are now surplus to requirements. Base board comprises of 2no. 8' x 2' tables that can be clamped together to form a single 8' x 4' table. Table height is about 900mm from floor to table surface. Legs are fitted with adjustable feet, and can fold flat for storage. Table frame work constructed of 3" x 1" prepared softwood with 10mm WBP plywood top. Satin varnish finish. Asking price is 120 Euro for the pair. This does not include delivery. I am based in Glanmire Cork and I am prepared to deliver free within a 15 - 20 mile radius Otherwise delivery would be at cost.
  7. Murphy Models Locos.

    Hi Everyone. What's the going rate on here for MM Locos with DCC chip fitted? Might be offloading some in the next couple of weeks if I can get the right price on them. Thanks Paudie
  8. Hi everyone. Can anyone advise me here. Has anyone used roofing felt as a ballast underlay? and if they have how did you get on with it? The thoughts of ballasting the layout and making a "Balls" of it is frightening me to say the least. I was thinking it might be easier to felt the required areas, lay the track and then put a very fine ballast on that. Any suggestions / thoughts are welcome. thanks Paudie
  9. Realistic BackScenes

    Hi Guys! I have finally gotten the time to start! Track has arrived for the New Layout. Baseboards are ready and I have painted the backboards blue. I want the layout to have a very Irish feel. I have seen some beautiful Layouts on here and If mine is half as good I will be happy. Can anyone advise me on backgrounds. The layout will mostly have a country feel to it. Whats the best way to go here. Paint on the scene or go for printed. Any help is appreciated thanks in advance. Paudie
  10. Airfix RNLI Lifeboat Kit. A07280

    Hi Everyone. I am looking to pick up this RNLI lifeboat in either Kit or Built form. Does anyone have one that they want to sell below retail. Looking to pay 20 euro max. I am creating a quayside scene on the layout and this would look great on it. any help is appreciated thanks Paudie
  11. Inclines and gradiants

    Hi All. I'm looking for some advice here please. I want to bring a line from my baseboard up to a Viaduct on my layout. What sort of incline or rate of incline would I looking at here? I have about 10 feet from level to Viaduct height. Any advice appreciated thanks Paudie
  12. 40ft Container Conversions

    Hi Everyone. I have some 40ft Containers that I want to convert to both B=I and Norfolk Line. Is there anyone on the site that does this and if so could they contact me . I'd appreciate the help. Developments on Glyntown Road MK2 have been slow. The old layout has been ripped out and the baseboards cleaned and extended. When I pulled up the old scenery a lot of cork and bits came with it so I am having to recover the baseboards with a very light ply. I hope to have this done in a few days time. I can then get to designing the layout. I have an idea of what I want to do but with all layouts ideas change and the mind boggles. The layout is or will be housed in a converted shipping container that was an old site office during the Celtic Tiger. I have clad the outside so it looks a bit more respectable to the Domestic Authority. The container or shed is 20x10. The internal footprint is 19x9.. I plan to run a high level branchline down the long right hand side which will turn on to the 9ft end along a 6 maybe 9 arch viaduct and return up the orher side into a little station. Below the viaduct I hope to model the old Ballinascarthy west cork station or maybe Drimoleague. Around this I hope to have a lot of rolling hillsa and countryside. Country lanes and cottages etc. I hope to have a cement factory and a container terminal. I will put up some pictures as soon as I have the new baseboards and backboards covered. I will post the trackplan once I decide on the final one. So watch this space and hopefully we will have some developments over the next couple of weeks. Attached are some pics of Glyntown road MK1 . Hope ye like it. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Paudie
  13. Road Markings

    Hi Guys. What's best to use for road markings and box Junctions etc , outside of buying transfers? Any help is appreciated Thanks Paudie
  14. Farm yard diorama for sale

    Hi everyone. I have for sale a professionally made farm yard diorama. I had bought this for my own layout but have changed the layout design so this is now surplus to requirements. It measures 40'x18' and is on hardboard base with 2x1 framing. Pictures are in the Album section. Looking for about 170 euro or nearest offer. Must be collected or I can meet somewhere central. I'm in Cork. PM if interested Thanks Paudie
  15. The New Layout

    Hi All In my last post I was letting you know that "Glyntown Road MK1" was being dismantled and "Glyntown Road 2" was to be born. Just a quick update to let you know how I am getting on. I have started to dismantle the scenic and track work. All of this sould be out by the weekend. Baseboards will be out by New year. I have sketched out a rough plan that I will put up once I find a scanner. I have broken it in to a number of parts, that I will complete in sections. 1. A Mainline station 2. A country station 3. A freight or cement terminal / work 4. A branchline station So if you can imagine a "Capitol E" That's the shape. At each end there will be a turning circle to bring the trains back on and off the layout. I am going to forgo the fiddle yard and store the trains on the layout. The branchline will be in the middle section. Baseboards will be 2ft wide all around bar the covering for the turning circles, which will be 4x4. There will be two nice dioramas on these. A farm and Town. As I said I have the sections sketched out and will post later. What I would like some advice on is the track plan for the terminal or cement works. I have managed to get 16 45ft containers cheap on another forum. This along with the 12 or so I have should be ample enough. On the other hand I also have the same amount of cement wagons!!! anyway I am sure I will sort that out. Does anyone know of where I could reference a decent track plan??? The area will be approx. 9 x 2. I will keep you updated and let you know how I get on. Any advise would be appreciated.

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