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  1. Hi All Has anyone any interest in getting some Cardboard shipping containers for their layouts . 40fts 20ft both n gauge and 00 Gauge. I was given a complete kit to print and make these. I will post some pictures later but I'm just testing the water to see if there is an interest on here. I can make all sorts Bell, Mersk, P and O K line etc etc If you are interested let me know. thanks Paudie
  2. Paudie Riordan

    00 Gauge Skaledale buildings and other bits

    Dive Controller If you text message me on 087 2243229 I will be able to attach a photo of the buildings for you.
  3. Paudie Riordan

    00 Gauge Skaledale buildings and other bits

    No Problem George.
  4. Hi everyone I am selling the last of my 00 Gauge bits. If any of this stuff is of interest to anyone please message or ring me for details )087 2243229 Metcalfe 00 Gauge red brick terraced houses x 2 (kit form) 7euro ea Metcalfe 00 Gauge brick brewery (kit form) 8 euro Metcalfe 00 gauge warehouse (kit form) 8 euro Skaledale stone Irish station based on clonmel. 60euro skaledale stone irish engine shed to match above 45 euro skaledale stone barn. 40 euro skaledale machinery shed stone 30 euro skaledale farm house stone 35 euro skaledale red brick hotel 30 euro skaledale farm entrance/stables 25 euro skaledale farm house brick 35 euro skaledale cattle dock 20 euro skaledale platform cattledock 10 euro skaledale tricklepenny cottage 25 euro All buildings are Resin. I can not post the pictures here as the files are too big but if you text me I can send by text. Thanks in advance Paudie
  5. Paudie Riordan

    Bachmann Irish Station and Engine Shed

    yes it is.
  6. Paudie Riordan

    Bachmann Irish Station and Engine Shed

    I will be back home Thursday night . will do then. Send me your mobile number and I may be able to get them to you quicker
  7. Paudie Riordan

    Bachmann Irish Station and Engine Shed

    No. It's not Carlow. This is the older Grey Building. Single story Bachmann no. 44-252
  8. Hi All Just testing the water here Admin Delete if not Valid. It's been awhile since I have been on. I am looking to get some help. I have A Bachmann Screnecraft Irish station (Clonmel) and single Engine shed that I am considering selling. 60 euro for the station and 50 euro for the shed. I am trying to fund my N Gauge project. No idea of what these are going for at the moment so offers welcome. No boxes but in mint condition. Never made it on to the layout as I made the switch to N. If interested please PM. I will post some photos tonight. I also have some lovely Mefcalfe platforms complete with lights and people (Made for me by Michael Morris) Platforms about 4ft in length. 3 in total If there is any interest let me know Many thanks Paudie
  9. Paudie Riordan

    A customers layout

    Looking good Dave! What did you use for the cladding on the Viaduct?
  10. Paudie Riordan

    Wanted: Mm0181

    Hi Ray. What one are you looking for exactly? A friend of mine has a few for sale. Mint never really run. cheers paudie
  11. Paudie Riordan

    Greystones Model Railway Layout.

    Eoin. I presume that stuff will take a coat of plaster or is it enough to apply scenic straight on to it?
  12. Paudie Riordan

    Greystones Model Railway Layout.

    What material did you use to make the platforms, bridges and walling . Looks great. Is it available? Paudie
  13. Paudie Riordan

    The Church

    If anyone wants it
  14. Paudie Riordan

    Matchbox Irish Toy Loco

    Yeah. I have a few of these somewhere. Coaches as well

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