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  1. box of bits for layout

    we face the real possibility of repossession early next year so I have a box of bit that was left over from my layout days.i'm just seeing if there might be any interest before I put up pics.off the top of my head there are 6 bags various scatters(not all full) various flock 4 bags various lichen(not all full) various types of fencing chainlink,wooden and concrete knightwing portacabin various bits of plasti card pack of 12 sheep whitemetal wheelbarrow sacks and barrels pack of peco platform sides humbrol spray can dark eartd couple sections of Hornby platform plaster tunnel mouth bag of track pins not full small shed half built house(that's how it is meant to be) signal box power clips for track buffer stops various bits of wills plastic profile signal box interior open bag of ballast 2 lever switch(possibly for signal) isolating switch uncoupling ramp a bag of recyclable ballast bag of kinder egg shells there might be more stuff tucked away
  2. 1:76,1:72 and 1:87 trucks

    bunched them altogether into one batch,do have a couple of herpa that are dearer,and selling as a job lot.can't find the pic on my computer so hopefully the link to dverts will work http://www.adverts.ie/toy-cars-trains-boats-planes/model-vehicles-suitable-for-irish-trains-1-76-1-87-00/8997772
  3. lima 201 river boyne

    sorry no pics but can get if needed. was bought off of a member hear awhile ago and never used since.it was advertised as in good working order and still believe it is. I'm gonna try for top end money at €70 but always open to offers.
  4. lima 201

    what's the going rate these days for a lima 201 river boyne?
  5. model cars x25

    I have a selection of 00 scale cars for sale ideal for that busy layout.some are cararama.mainly modern bmw.mercedes etc and a few older type beetles,etc.i have 25 with 4 being 1:87 scale.€40 the lot plus post.
  6. bus/coaches for sale

    I have the following for sale east lancs bus eireann bus €25 efe wrights Volvo renown €15 corgi vanhool euroline €12 corgi vanhool bus eireann €12 will take €50 for the lot they do have boxes and there are certs but I took all my buses out the boxes and got them muddled up. will add pics over the weekend
  7. track.some new,some not

    I have a load of track for sale.mostly Hornby,a few bits of lima and a couple of bits of peco.i'll list it as N = NEW AND CLEAN.NC NEW BUT NEEDS CLEANING,NW=NEW WITH SIDE WEATHERED S=SPARE as in bits of track missing.the odd bit has a few sleepers missing. Hornby r612 lh point x 5 NW Hornby r612 lh point x 3 N Hornby r632 y point x 1 N Hornby r607 double curve x 8 N,2 ARE NW and 1 has a sleeper missing Hornby r600 curve x 12 N Hornby r600 curve x 17 NW Hornby r8073 rh point x 3 NW Hornby r606 curve x 2 NW Hornby r605 curve x 4 NW THE NEXT LOT ARE SECOND HAND.most need cleaning Hornby r607 double curve x 4 good con,1 needs a clean and 4 have missing sleepers lima L333 x 4 + Hornby r601 x 6 and 1 peco x 1 all the same length think double straight Hornby r600 x 18 straight good con Hornby r606 x 21 straight good con Hornby r609 x 2 curve good con lima 36 degree curve x 13 need clean Hornby r6072 lh point x 1 good Hornby r 612 lh point x 3 all spare + 1 needs clean Hornby r6073 rh point x 1 +3 spare Hornby r620 uncoupler track x 1 good con Hornby r410 small straight x 4 need clean Hornby r643 small curve x 1 Hornby r604 curve x 4 good con Hornby r605 double curve x 16 need cleaning and a few sleepers missing flexi track approx. 3ft long spare lima long straight approx. 3ft long need clean Hornby r603 long straight N in total there is approx. 59 new bits and quite a lot of s/h that needs a clean.not sure what to ask so i'll stick up a price and open to offers.would prefer it all to go in one but can accommodate small asks. asking €90 which works out about 51 cent a piece but ask away.
  8. corgi oo bus

    of the top of me head I can't remember the model but you'll know it when ya see it. has been on display but out of the sun.will be boxed.€45.
  9. Lima 201

    selling the last of my ready to run models.bought this second hand off this site and is in good condition.i've not run it but not sure on the previous owner. PM ONLY -----------
  10. M.i.r. 141

    very reluctantly selling this model even though I never got round to finishing it.all the bits are there to finish it off paint,parts,transfers etc. it sits on the athearn chasis which was already reduced in length by the seller I think his surname was white but not sure.it weighs in at a hefty 1/2kg which gives it plenty of pulling power.many years ago I attached a piece of thread to around 20 coaches and wagons and it pulled no problem. once again it does need finishing off and I know murphy models have theirs out but this is a bit of irish model history. €65.
  11. Lima River Boyne for sale

    selling the last of my ready to run models.bought this second hand off this site and is in good condition.i've not run it but not sure on the previous owner. €75 ono.
  12. m.i.r 141

    just wondered would an mir 141 be worth much these days?it isn't totally finished but the body is done,not painted and needs the steps fixing.all is there to finish.
  13. 141/181

    I was just wondering are any of the mm141/181 now rare or classed as hard to find?
  14. model rail

    i have abox full of old model rail mags.probably 30-40 in all,start from around 10 years ago up to about 5 years ago,was keeping them for future references but not needed anymore,free to anone that wants to collect them or they'll be binned.
  15. trucks,cars,vans etc

    been sorting some of me stuff and am selling the following.loads of pics! 1:87 herpa drawbar and drag.very nice model ARTIC SHELL TANKER SOLD. 1:87 the tanker NOW SOLD.and the truck on the right NOW SOLD.the red one is just a kit bash with extendable trailer. at the rear on the top is a nice 8 wheeler cement mixer. mostly 1:72/76 apart from cars on top 1:87 2 TRANSITS AND RENAULT VAN NOW SOLD. all siku lowloader in front is 1:87 as is 4 trucks at rear and crane which is fully working CRANE SOLD. again all 1;87 again all 1:87.the lowloader in the front is an excellent herpa model this is again an old herpa mercedes logging truck.the hiab is broke but can be glued.the lego is for demo perposes. the 3 tippers are ARE SOLD.the dustcart i believe is also herpa.at the rear is a road roller by siku and a tarmac layer also by siky. this is a nice truck made by italeria.it has removeable girder load.also includes side bars to hold load. varius cars all 1:87.in the bag is cheap ones that were going to go on transporters. this is a wonderful fully working jcb.has opening bucket at front,moveable arm at rear plus several extras.1:87

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