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  1. I have a single railtrack one here but would need repainting
  2. in an ideal world I'd like as much as poss but around €50 would be nice and that would be with the uk loco's and coaches too.posting via nightline would be around €10-15.
  3. these were also bought to turn into irish models.all need repair to some extent
  4. bought these wagons to change into ammonia wagons,probably not accurate,as couldn't afford the proper thing PROVISIONALY SOLD
  5. wasn't really sure on price as I keep finding bits to add to it all. were ya after everything listed or just some of the listing?
  6. been trying to but having big trouble with the phone.will keep trying.
  7. found another 2 boxes this one has 4 packs of superquick paper which are red brick 4 sheets grey paving 4 sheets red tile 4 sheets grey slate 5 sheets led's for loco etc approx. 12 green,12 red,12 yellow plus resistors 1 bag of 1:87 scale truck wheels and axles 5 led double street lamps 1 badger 6 piece air brush kit PROVISIONALY SOLD 1 Hornby controller with power section of track.no transformer 1 power controller with transformer(basic Hornby type) 1 track cleaning rubber 1 tin of liquid track cleaner little bottle of loco oil bschmsnn 7 plank wagon along with the rest would there be any interest in british inter intercity coaches,car carrier wagons in various conditions and a couple of loco's?
  8. would realy like it to go in one lot but will split
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