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  1. For personal reasons Im offering this for sale Glass cabinet is included: Buyer must collect and have room for the cabinet. Santry Dubin
  2. British Airways Vanhool 1:76

    A nice addition to the collection.
  3. 1:200 Models

    Ill start off with some photos of my 1:200 models. Rossiya Airbus A319 / A320 Boeing 767-300
  4. Avaition anyone?

    I have a large collection of 1:200 model airliners. Anyone else on this site collect aviation related stuff? I was going to post up a few photos but theres no aviation sub forum. (I know its a railway site).
  5. Nice Layout For Sale.

    Spotted this on adverts.ie yesterday. How much would it be worth? http://www.adverts.ie/other-antiques-collectables/hornby-train-layout/2655734
  6. If your ordering stuff to Ireland from lets say the UK, this will save you a ton on postage. Read about it here :http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2056698663 Sign up for free here (get 7euro free credit too) https://www.parcelmotel.com/
  7. 3 x Joef coaches for 35 yoyos

  8. 150 yoyos for the lot or will swap for 1:76 scale buses. Based in Santry Dublin. Ready to go today. Link http://www.adverts.ie/toy-cars-trains-boats-planes/hornby-lima-train-sets-lots-of-track-exra-stuff-job-lot/1836522?action=success Includes Hornby Strike Force Train Set. Lima Train set from 1970,s Hornby Virgin inter city 125 with one coach only. Extra Wagens (not shown) Enough track for 3 large loops. Hornby Station. Various cross overs and points. Hornby various controllers including hm2000 power controller. Other bits and bobs
  9. For sale or swap. Lima set in excellent condition and in box. Can be run via batteries (included) or by electric.
  10. Aircoach Levantes

    Rumour has it a few Levantes have arrived in Dublin in Aircoach blue. They even have toilets onboard. There is rumoured to be 10 to enter service, possibly on the Cork run. Im going to head down to the depo later to see if I can get a few snaps.
  11. Some Spare Track.

    Due to a change in my layout some track here for sale/swap. HORNBY R628 X 4. R606 X 5. R385 X 3. R615 X 1 R605 X 6 R607 X 10 R604 X 2 Im looking for a double track level crossing.
  12. Print Out Buildings

    Anyone know any good sites for buildings you can print out and make?
  13. Problem with loco.

    Hi all, Im having a problem with one of my locos. When you power her up to go, shes making a revving like noise but not moving. Its like she wants to go but somethings stopping her. The higher I turn the power controller the higher the noise from the loco. Any Ideas?
  14. Mount Sallow.

    Ok here goes. This is my first attempt at the world of model railways. The layout is called Mount Sallow and will be based on a 6x4 base and eventully lead out to the garden. It will be fully enclosed in a purpose built shed which is under construction. Im only new to this so its all by trial and error. Above: The start of my layout. Sidings have to be completed. The track is temp thumtacked down. Below: The layout will eventully lead out and run the whole lenght of the garden. A hole will be cut in the timber to let the railway enter the garden. The finished plan is to include a double track high speed line circling whole garden. Rolling stock has been undecided yet, layout will enventully have a station, roads, houses and a bus garage. I admit im no good at diy and building stuff but im willing to give it a go and learn by trial and error. The garden is currently getting decking hence everything scattered about.

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