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  1. For personal reasons Im offering this for sale Glass cabinet is included: Buyer must collect and have room for the cabinet. Santry Dubin
  2. A nice addition to the collection.
  3. I thought the buses have fire suppression systems in the engine bay?
  4. So it does.. Must look for it before the IAA spots it.
  5. I have about 100 push fit 1:200 models. IM having a few problems with our broadband at the moment but plan to put photos of them all up online. I collect various airline models but I don't build any.
  6. Ill start off with some photos of my 1:200 models. Rossiya Airbus A319 / A320 Boeing 767-300
  7. I have a large collection of 1:200 model airliners. Anyone else on this site collect aviation related stuff? I was going to post up a few photos but theres no aviation sub forum. (I know its a railway site).
  8. My FedEx collection taking shape. Always looking to buy FedEx related stuff if any members have anything.
  9. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/old-cie-irish-railway-dart-bombardier-bus-building-magazine-/261183048595?pt=UK_Collectables_Railwayana_RL&hash=item3ccfb90b93
  10. Spotted this on adverts.ie yesterday. How much would it be worth? http://www.adverts.ie/other-antiques-collectables/hornby-train-layout/2655734
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