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  1. Hi folks, Before I go buying a new one, I thought I'd see if anyone has one of these lying around they no longer use and want to sell. Thanks. It's to control the second loop of my layout.
  2. dc main bus wiring

    Hello folks. I'm currently installing feeder wires on my DC layout. Regarding the main bus - It runs out from the controller, under the main line and then stops before the controller. Should the cable be a continuous loop back to the controller, or is it ok for it stop short of the controller, and rely on the power being fed back through the main bus to the controller? I hope this makes sense. Peter
  3. flux for soldering

    Can anyone suggest where I might pick up flux paste for soldering? Thanks.
  4. My vinyls arrived from Electra Graphics. I have three coaches at the moment. The question is what combination of vinyls should I use for the coaches? Suggestions welcome.
  5. Hi folks. I have finished laying the two loops for my n gauge layout. Can anyone tell me what size wire to use under the baseboard to main power to the rails, and what size wire to use as droppers to the main feed? Should I feed power to each section of track or drop wires every few feet? Thanks very much, Peter
  6. Does anyone know if there are ballast wagons that resemble Irish ones in n scale? Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know this station, no longer in use. The platform is down the side of the station house with a bridge just beyond it.
  8. WANTED n gauge locos

    Hi folks. I am wondering if anyone out there has a Dapol class 66 or Life-Like SW9 loco? I am going to buy a 3d printed model or models from Shapeways and these are the recommended chassis. Thanks, Peter
  9. testing track

    Hi folks. I'm currently laying my n gauge track. I only have a shunter and short wagons. Is it best to test the track with longer locomotives and carriages? Thanks, Peter
  10. My local pub posted this photo online of a nearby bridge. Can anyone guess the bridge? It's a great photo.
  11. Curragh layout

    Hi folks, I'd love the hear your thoughts on my idea for an n gauge layout of the Curragh siding in Kildare. At the moment the layout uses set track, but I will use streamline for the actual layout. The inner loop will continue all the way around as well. Attached is the plan I made using Railmodeller Express. You'll have to zoom in to see it properly. I've also attached 2 photos of the siding and 3 map images of the Curragh, including the ballast pit, and fox covert I want to include. Thanks, Peter
  12. Hi folks. Can anyone recommend computer software for planning an n gauge layout? I use Apple mac. Thank you.
  13. Can anyone recommend train journeys they have taken? I have been on the Glacier Express, Bernina Express, ICE around Switzerland, taken the train up the Jungfraujoch, reunification express from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, TranzAlpine in New Zealand. I'd love to take the Californian Zephyr across the US.
  14. N gauge Irish models

    Hi folks. Does anyone know what n gauge models can be repainted to look like Irish locos? Steam or diesel. Thank you.
  15. Hi folks, After visiting the train show in Raheny and other toy and train fares recently I have decided to get back into model railways. I'm 32 now and played with Hornby as a kid. I want to build an n gauge layout, for space reasons, I'm renting. I am thinking of modelling the train line going through the Curragh in Kildare, I'm from Newbridge. This would include the racecourse and grandstand, some bridges, a small wood and other features. I am thinking about getting the Graham Farish 'Day at the Races' set. This will give me a steam loco and wagons, track and DC controller. I know the loco and wagons may not be Irish or ever be used in Ireland for transporting horses to races, but the set fits the theme and gives me a way to start modelling again. I would like to go DCC in time. The loco with the set is DCC ready. I am wondering if it is easy to convert Peco 80 track and points for use with DCC? Any thoughts and advice on my idea? Thanks, Peter

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