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  1. Peter

    141 Gauge N

    Any update on this Eoin? I'm making good progress with my n gauge layout and an Irish loco would be amazing.
  2. Peter

    building material finishes

    Wow, what an amazing resource. Thank you.
  3. Hi folks. Does anyone know a resource where I can find finishes for buildings, to download and print? To be exact I'm looking for a blockwork finish, concrete finish, and corrugated iron finish. Thanks.
  4. Spotted this loco and carriage outside the small train station in Salou. Nicely displayed.
  5. I was visiting a friend in Utrecht last weekend and spent a few hours in the railway museum. Some beautiful examples of locos from all eras of Dutch rail. I love the styling on them. A nice way to spend an afternoon in Utrecht.
  6. Peter

    Models demand

    There is little to none ready to run in n gauge. And I would be interested in n gauge.
  7. Peter

    141 Gauge N

    Keep up the good work. Stick me on the order list ;-)
  8. A friend gave me this yesterday. He got it from the yard by east wall. Nice little piece to display in the house.
  9. Peter

    Curragh layout

    jhb171achill I will make all the fencing be a carriage width from the track. Thanks for the suggestion. I added some scatter to the vinyl mat yesterday. What do ye think? There will be a road where the black tape is on the right.
  10. Peter

    Curragh layout

    Thanks Paddy. The baseboard is 5' x 3'. My simple fiddle yard allows me to add a train to either track while keeping two trains running. There will be a square shaped wooded area to the left of the layout inside the two loops and a ballast hill at the right of the layout inside the loops.
  11. Peter

    Curragh layout

    Thank you for the kind words. I started putting in some lineside fencing. I have it placed where the ballast meets the grass. What do ye think? Should it be further away from the track?
  12. Peter

    141 Gauge N

    Want. Seriously impressive work.
  13. Peter

    IE class 201 colours

    Enniscorthyman, should the finish for the orange paint be gloss, satin or matt? Thank you.
  14. Peter

    Curragh layout

    Hi David. The plan is to use scatter material on top of the mat to bring the scenery to life. I'm also going to put down some gorse bushes and trees. The area on the right of the layout will have a biggish hill to look like the ballast pit outside Newbridge and there will be a small hill on the left side of the layout.
  15. Peter

    Curragh layout

    Finally have some pictures to share of my layout. Pictures show freight wagons passing the Curragh platform, trains travelling up and down the main line and a loco and coaches parked in the Curragh siding. The grandstand in the Curragh will be bottom right of the layout, a goods shed just above the siding. I'm using a Woodlands Scenics grass mat for simplicity. I'd love to know your thoughts.

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