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  1. Peter

    Malahide opening

    I visited the museum yesterday with my dad. I found the history of Ciryl Fry, his modelling and the display of his models really well laid out and interesting. The 00 gauge model railway is very well modelled. I would have loved a bigger model railway, but I can appreciate that it is limited by the space available. All in all highly recommend visiting. Its important to preserve and display his models and show railway modelling to the public. An hour was plenty of time to appreciate it all. The building is lovely as well.
  2. Thank you for the reply Eoin. It is an n gauge Graham Farish class 158 DMU. I have no idea how many teeth are on the gears without taking it apart, and unfortunately I don't know how to take it apart. I'll pop out to you in Bray on Sunday with the loco. Cheers
  3. Hi folks, I'm curious to know if anyone repairs model trains in Dublin? I bought a Graham Farish class 158 from someone on eBay. It just arrived today. The loco picks up power, but doesn't run smoothly. On initial inspection it looks like a tooth on one of the gears on a bogie is bent out of position. Thanks, Peter
  4. I rusted the inner and outer edges of all the rail on my layout. I used a Woodland Scenics rusty rail track painter to do the job. Just wipe the tops of the rails as you go. I don't have any issues with conductivity.
  5. This could be a long shot, but looking for a Graham Farish Class 158 DMU. It's an easy conversion to an Irish Rail Arrow using Electra Graphics vinyls. Cheers, Peter
  6. I think it was you that said before 'rarer than hen's teeth'. Thanks for the replies. I'll have to try my hand at making shapeways models look realistic.
  7. I am putting this question out to modellers and manufacturers. What is the likelihood of RTR Irish n scale locos being manufactured? Is there simply not enough people modelling in this scale in Ireland and abroad to justify it? Peter
  8. Fingers crossed the printers can do it for you and you have something to show at Blackrock. Bring on Irish n gauge.
  9. I'm curious to know if anyone has ever tried using Velcro or adhesive magnets to fix backscences so they can be removed easily? Peter
  10. Any update on this model Eoin? Peter
  11. Ah great, thanks. Looking forward to it.
  12. Is the model railway exhibition on this year in Raheny? Peter
  13. A bit of progress on my layout... Newbridge ballast pit and hill is taking shape. I have my first bit of machinery, a bulldozer. Caravans arrived, for er, the traveller camp on the Curragh. The small hill will feature the square of trees in the last photo.
  14. Haha. It is. Well spotted. Come hell or high water I'm getting this layout finished soon. I spent more time staring at it last year.
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