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Need help with redesign

Paudie Riordan


Hi All.

This is my first post on the Forum and I am new to the group. I am looking for some input. I have a 00 gauge layout in a 20x10 converted container. I am thinking of changing the layout plan as I am now going to model Irish railways. Initally when I put the baseboards down originally I put in a rectangle so the trains could run around in a loop. It isn't prototypical. On one side I have a through Terminus and on the other I have a country station. The other two sides have a mountain and a country scene. The four tracks run around and have slips to join them to each other.


The problem I have is that I think I was too quick in getting track down and running trains for the sake of it. I left no area for a desk or bench to work on models. Although I have a lot of work done on it I wonder am I mad to change even though I know I need to.I didn't care about function or operation. Now that I understand a bit more about the hobby I know I need to change.


I am asking for help in layout design. What works best. End to end or continuous. Are duck unders a good thing? What are the key features for an Irish based layout? I would like to have rises and falls in track and I would like to have the terminus and the country station. I want to have a farm scene and a nice town or village scene as well.


Am I trying to get too much in? What should I be trying to fit in


Any help or advise would be appreciated


Thanks in advance


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Hi Paudie, Welcome to the forum:cheers:.

Personally id go for continuous as it allows the operator to watch the trains go by, it allows for running in new stock and you can work at the bench while the trains run.

For inspiration try and get to an exhibition or have a look through the various layout blogs and sites on the web plus have a look at some of the excellent layouts in the layout section on this site.Take a look at eiretrains.com/ Ciaran the site owner has plenty of pics from across the island.

With the space that you have you ll be able to fit quite a lot in and you d have no problem fitting in what you ve outlined above.



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