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Dublin Bus

Hobby Build


I am presently building a ride on toy bus for my infant grandson and wish to paint it in the current Dublin Bus colours of Yellow, and both shades of Blue. I am looking for any information or advice out there on where to locate the precise shades of the three colours, and also any information regarding the best method to obtain the best paint finish. The material I'm using is almost all 10mm, 3/8" plywood.


Thank you in anticipation!


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Hi, Have you contacted Dublin Bus about the codes? If your not that fussy Halfords regularly do deals on the spray paints, the mad colours that don't sell sometimes at €2. I suggest you start with a primer, before you go filling, it will show up the imperfections and it will seal the wood and stop the paint sinking. Halfords sell a primer it's grand however check out Dealz, they do an excellent primer and also have other colours as well, take a look.



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