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  1. Hi, you seem to be the man to answer this question, is there a model available of the transport for ireland dublin bus, in any scale????? it's for an autistic child, that needs to have one. or is there decals available, i'll repaint one. any help or information i would greatly apprieciate. regards Bren
  2. Hi this will be my last post on this site. I would just like to thanks everybody for their nice comments over the years. regards bren
  3. I can take saw to it to make it fit:)
  4. Railway modelers of the midland's we don't know what we had until it's gone. I will have to travel 80 miles round trip just to get Humbrol enamel paint. Sorry the shop is closing i hope to get down before Christmas if not I will see you in new year. regards bren.
  5. yes i have seen those pic's when you enlarge them to 1/12 it's hard to retain the detail, i have a little work left on mf and Hueston and few bits on the santa fe i also have to make two tie fighter's and one large asteroid and five small one's I ALSO HAVE TO LOSE 3 STONE SO A BUSY FEW MONTHS AHEAD
  6. All joking aside, if I could get some decent drawings of Maeve, I'd give it bash.
  7. [video=youtube;4-_ymG8rtbg]
  8. tinfoil and tommy Walsh
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