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  1. LM186

    CIE E 420 Class.

    Thanks Eoin, I presume I'd have to fashion some kind of wee chassis to carry the dummy axle?
  2. Hi all! It's time that I stopped just watching the action on here and finally posted something. Almost inevitably it's a request for information that I start with. I've taken a notion to try building one of the Valve Design E Class ,shunters from Shapeways and was wondering what motor bogie to use. I found one thread on here which suggested using a BullAnt from the Hollywood Foundry, but unfortunately they shut up shop last June and supplies seem to have dried up. Can any of ye please tell me what alternatives are out there. I've quite a few years experience as a modeller ,but am endowed with only moderate skills and words like 'Brass' and 'Solder' induce a cold sweat. Cheers in advance ,Joe
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