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  2. I also found a few ideas in this video:
  3. A little bit of work has been done: the baseboard (120cm x 25cm x 10cm). That's all for today !
  4. Three stupid bandits are waiting for a train which will never come ! I'm very happy with the résult. It's the very first time that I build a Gn15 layout with scenery. The diameter is only 20 cm. I built it just for the fun and nothing else. I used Peco 0n30 track. Have fun !
  5. This layout works very well in Gn15 too !
  6. A micro Gnine layout (31cm x 31cm) using Kato N scale Unitrack, a Kato 11-103 powered chassis for the critter and two Peco N gauge wagon chassis.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I definitely need a cassette or something like that. I'm a big fan of the coffee stirrer (aka the hand of God) for the coupling/uncoupling operations. For the record, I only borrow the track plan shown in this video (in fact, no exactly).
  8. Another figure 8 layout. Dimensions: 0.65m x 1.20m. Curve radius: 250mm ! Works very well in 00 / H0/ 0n30...with short trains.
  9. A small 00 gauge figure 8 layout (1.27 x 0.67m). I used a Hornby crossing, a few Hornby and Fleischmann track sections.
  10. This is my first 00 gauge micro layout. The dimensions are: 41cm x 65cm. The radius for these very tight curves is only...175mm ! I cut the rail with my standard side cutting pliers...and it works well for me. I cleaned the end of the rails with a small file before fitting the fishplates. Just one Hornby 0-4-0 steam loco with three short wheelbase wagons. And that's all ! No need for DCC, so it's only a very basic DC controller. I'm very happy with the result. I just wanted to prove to myself that I am able to build a very small layout with flexi-track. Right now, I have no idea for the scenery. But I'm working hard on it.
  11. Hello, what's the best way to glue a grass mat on the baseboard ? Thanks.
  12. Oops....I forgot to write this: All your comments and advices are welcome and will be very appreciated.
  13. Hello Happy Members ! Many thanks for adding me as a new member of this great forum. I'm planning to build a little switching layout in multiple scales (00, H0, 0n30 and Gn15). Dimensions: 1.20m x 0.25m (or 4' x 10"). I found the track plan in this video: My layout will be a little bit shorter than this one. So here is my track plan: Sorry for my poor English...
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