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  1. I am sorry i dident reply,yes i still have this lima engine,if you want it.
  2. if anyone wants the two i have left,they are over 7 feet long,they can have them for free,but they will have to collect them .
  3. I have a 216 lima engine,body in very good condition chassis not so great.engine is fine with a chip. anyone want it pay me the postage 10 euros.
  4. Murphy's Models River Corrib Locomotive https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Murphys-Models-OO-Gauge-Chipped-DCC-Iarnrod-Eireann-Irish-Rail-Locomotive/284041995099
  5. Large amount of Märklin track for sale, came from breakdown of a large layout. It's all modified for DCC. Includes: 27 turnouts 16 point motors Location: Co. Clare
  6. Here are a couple of photos of the layout frames. Thanks @Garfield for merging the double post and to @Joe Keegan for the tip. Hi Joe, the location is Clare
  7. i forgot to put in the measurements,as i am new to this ,two frames measure 7ft long x 3ft wide one 5ft long x3ft and 4ft long x 3 wide.
  8. I have 4 layout frames for sale ,two 7 foot one 5 foot and a 4 foot all for 250 euros,all in excellent condition.you would have to collect them yourself
  9. Hi, After years of pleasure collecting, building and running my layout at home the time has come to take it apart. I wonder if anyone here has advice for how best I could sell everything such that it ends up in a good home. Ideally I'd have an enthusiast who was interested come and dismantle it but perhaps it'd be better to do it all individually. Unfortunately as I get older it's harder and harder to get under the layout to fix connections and replace wires etc. Here are some photos - I also have a video I could post. Any advice is appreciated. Pat
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