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  1. 11 hours ago, BosKonay said:

    In terms of delivery, 2024 is scheduled to see the following delivered to customers, in no particular order:

    • ICR Sets
    • Bulleid Range (Flats, opens, perhaps some more)
    • NIR Mk2b packs
    • IRM Mk2c Packs
    • Park Royals
    • ..... 

    RPSI MkII sets? 

  2. DART fleet is:

    Power / Trailer

    8100 / 8300

         8101-40 / 8301-40

    8200 / 8400 (Withdrawn)

         8201-05 / 8401-05

    8500 / 8600

         8501-08 / 8601-08

    8510 / 8610

         8511-16 / 8611-16

    8520 / 8620

         8521-40 / 8621-40

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  3. On 19/9/2022 at 5:04 PM, jhb171achill said:

    ...  plus the designs for the bodywork of Drumm trains C & D was substantially changed between drawing office and actual build.

    Very interesting JHB. Any details what the original designs were? Same as trains A and B maybe? 

  4. 15 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

    The one with the Hunslet I didn’t record, but it’s easy to tell as it is whatever year that the old Howth platform was filled in, as can be seen.

    I'd suggest very early 1980s. As you say the Howth Bay has been filled in but hasn't yet got the final surface. Also, no OHLE into Platform 4.

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  5. On 11/12/2021 at 9:58 PM, DiveController said:

    The HLV and Hooded(LV) vans were in green for sure from photographs. The TPOs were rarer and I think yes but don't rely on that unless I revert having seen a photo. I think JB is saying all three types did but some within each type may have skipped a livery direct to BnT 

     I am puzzled by the use of the term 'Hooded' when referring to the 4-wheel luggage brake vans (2700 - 2765). The vans were always called ‘Tin Vans’ when they were in service. Perhaps DiveController can elaborate on the origin of the term ‘Hooded’ and what it refers to?

    According to Pender and Richards in their book 'Irish Railways Today' the original number series of the three types of 4-wheel vans were:

    Heating Van = 3101-3141 (1955/6);  3142-3147 (1959); 3148-3152 (1960)

    Luggage Brake Van = 2700-2765 (1957)

    Post Office Sorting Van = 2962-2971 (1957)

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  6. I recently ordered a twin pack of the blue Tara wagons. The order was placed at 01:37 Monday and the package was on the doorstep at 08:10 Tuesday! Outstanding service. Hats off to the crew processing and dispatching the order - you must have Speedy Gonzales working with you. 🤣 

    Image result for Speedy Gonzales. Size: 193 x 170. Source: sg.news.yahoo.com

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  7. On 7/8/2021 at 10:34 PM, jhb171achill said:

    Tonight's eclectic colour selection:

    (H C A Beaumont)

    1.  Last ever spoil train, Magheramorne, 1970.

    2. Permanent Way Institution Convention special at Lisburn, I think 1980? When Senior passed on to that great Locomotive Shed in the Sky, he was Ireland's oldest PWI member.

    3. I thought this was at Ballyvary, c.1977. But given the 071 and the number of carriages it has to be on a Westport train, so I cannot be certain of details. Loco in original brownish livery, with non-standard GM Illinois version of the CIE roundel.

    4.  PWI trip another time, Dublin - Portrush and back. A highly unusual pairing of CIE Mk 3s and an NIR "Enterprise" dining car.

    5. & 6.  Family holidays were at Clonea, near Ballinacourty for a few years in the late 70s / early 80s. Guess where Senior went to take pictures.

    7.  One of two pics showing three GNR coaches in three liveries; Amiens St., c. 1962.

    8.  NIR (ex-NCC) 53 at a Whitehead Open Day, about 1970. Yours truly in cab, without PTS or day glo socks. The shame......

    9.  No. 800 "Maedb" at Inchicore, with dismantling commenced JUST before being saved for Cultra. Some cab fittings, cab windows and nameplates had been removed.

    10.  Strabane, 1966.

    11. Non corridor NCC 3rds awaiting scrapping at Antrim, 1970s. Vandals were doing the job for NIR anyway.

    12.  NCC Railcar 1 on a Belfast - Ballymena local, about 1962 - I think this was taken near Cookstown Junction, as Senior was replacing a bridge there at the time.

    13. B130 arrives in Gorey, 1970; yours truly taking my second railway photo ever. I still have the print I took there - crooked and blurry. Senior's might have been crooked - as almost all of his were - but at least it's not blurred!

    14.  Strabane, I think January 1960, not long after closure of the CDR.

    15.  A UTA "Jeep" gets away with a heavy train - Ballymena? This is about 1964.

    16.  Caark, boy.

    17. Narrow gauge thing in the Island-across-the-pond.


    img083 (2).jpg
















    No. 2 is the IRRS 50th Anniversary special to Derry. Not sure of exact date, but definitely not 1980 as loco and train in post-1987 IR livery.

    No. 4 is the PWI Convention special at Portrush. Not sure if it was the actual special which ran from Portrush to Dublin (being attached to the 09:00 ex-Belfast at Lisburn, or the trial train to clear MkIII stock to Portrush sometime earlier. 

    8 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

    (All c. H C A Beaumont).

    1.  One of the very few bogie coaches owned by the Waterford, Limerick & Western, in ex-departmental use, still bearing "Camping Coach" livery, awaiting scrapping at Mullingar in the 1980s. The bow-ends, for modellers, are the tell-tale sign of WLWR stock; while this feature figured a lot in the GWR & LMS in Britain, only the WLWR used it here. A crying shame it didn't survive - perfect for DCDR!

    2. CIE railcar set, mid-60s. Location unknown, but the GSWR brake 3rd in the middle is interesting. Both CIE and the UTA tended to use "re-purposed" old steam-era wooden stock in their railcar trains, this being perpetuated into NIR days. As late as 1980/1 a single GNR K15 was in a 70 class set on NIR (No. 727, the last GNR passenger vehicle in traffic anywhere), and the venerable wooden-interior 526, an old 1920s NCC third, was in an MED set. IRM will be bringing out a ready-to-run GSWR main line bogie coach this week, I think.

    3. MPD railcar out'n'about on the NCC main line. Not sure where, but Senior was involved with the bridge rebuilding adjacent to it.

    4. Three GNR railcars, three liveries, somewhere on the DSER. Date unknown but obviously early to mid 1960s.

    5. Drogheda.

    6. Macmine Junction. Might put that in a forthcoming book. I think this is about 1961. The branch closed 18 months later.

    7. NIR 595, a former GNR brake 3rd; this, too, ended up as a railcar intermediate and later a loco-hauled brake standard. It was withdrawn about 1974, one of the very last steam-era coaches in use. And yes, that's supposed to be MAROON livery; see what weathering does!

    8. WLWR 935, the company's beautiful Director's Saloon, at Mullingar. I took this one in the 1980s, just before the passage of time, lack of care and vandals put paid to it. I had already surveyed and measured it up as a possible Whitehead restoration project, when I was more involved with the RPSI. Had it survived, another PRIME candidate for Downpatrick or Whitehead Train Rides.

    9.  Side-on, CDR "red wagon" at the ill-fated museum in Derry. Still in original condition. I took this one in the early 1990s.


    img034 (2).jpg



    img049 (2).jpg

    img050 (1).jpg

    img075 (2).jpg

    img077 (2).jpg


    No. 4 is Macmine Junction. Grey 121 on the other side of the platform, presumably on a North Wexford service. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

    Right, for that one only. One was briefly “converted” to a first, simply by throwing antimacassars over the seat backs and painting “1”s on the doors! But it was standard as built and reverted to that after a short time.

    Sorry jhb but that's not correct.

    There were five Cravens 1st Class carriages, 1147 - 1151. They were fitted with proper 1st class seating, not 'simply by throwing antimacassars over the seat backs'!

    1147 - ex Standard 1551 - converted 1969 - 37 seats - reverted to 1551 06/72 
    1148 - ex Standard 1547 - converted 1970 - 37 seats - reverted to 1547 12/74
    1149 - ex Standard 1558 - converted 1970 - 37 seats - increased to 40 seats in 1981 - reverted to 1558 12/84
    1150 - ex Standard 1548 - converted 1970 - 37 seats - increased to 40 seats in 1981 - reverted to 1548 10/84
    1151 - ex Standard 1547 - converted 1980 - 40 seats - reverted to 1547 03/85

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  9. 10 hours ago, j11sty said:

    Has anybody got the silver fox 4 wheel genie and I wondered how it match with MM Cravens?

    I mean colour wise (especially the orange shaded)

    The 4-wheel heating vans were steam heating vans only, no generators. The would therefore suit the early version of the Cravens, i.e. those without the TL suffix. 

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  10. On 5/7/2021 at 1:21 AM, WRENNEIRE said:

    Full range was available in Bray last Sunday and will be again on the 19th!

    I presume you mean the 18th.

    On 5/7/2021 at 12:43 PM, Edo said:

    I will make it to Bray one day - just not on the 19th - its the Ma's birthday - I like trains - but I also like like keeping the nagging level in my life at acceptable levels ............when the missus finds out I've ordered 8 A class that quota is going to get used very fast!!

    Anyway.........I know a man............who is getting me sorted :D - thanks Wrenneire.



    You should be o.k. Edo. The next Bray show is on Sunday 18 July. Get to Bray on Sunday and still have time for the Ma's birthday on the 19th!

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  11. 7 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

    New one to me, Warbonnet - I suspect this is like the very first "Woolwich" in MGWR livery, but sprayed GSR grey before even a fire had been lit in her, and that "A" with the yellow band at Inchicore - something which didn't actually see the light of day.

    As Seagoebox shows above, at first it had "001"; that pic was a photoshoot before it entered traffic. It will also be seen that the very first examples painted into "Supertrain" livery had their numbers on the ends shaded in orange, same way that the ones on the sides were shaded in black. I saw this on at least one 141 too, but the very first 121s I saw (IN 1972) had plain white numerals on the ends.

    The original intention was that the A class numbering would revert to A1 to A60 after all locomotives had been re-engined. The 'r' suffix was only to identify the GM-powered locos in a mixed fleet and once all locos had been done it was no longer needed. As Warbonnet says above, A1 did receive that number with the Supertrain livery, but before it appeared out of Inchicore CIE had decided to adopt the new numbering scheme and it became 001.

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  12. On 15/5/2021 at 4:57 PM, Noel said:

    Good news, anything that takes diesel trucks off our roads has to be a positive thing for both traffic and climate action. Will this Ballina traffic get to Waterford via Dublin or via Limerick? If the latter could it increase justification for reopening Claremorris to Athenry for freight?

    Noel, via Kildare.

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  13. 50 minutes ago, jhb171achill said:

    That’s what occurred to me!!

    Does it have lights along the side, almost literally LIKE the “holidays are coming” ad?

    It does indeed, just like ttc's model shown in DJ Dangerous's post above.


  14. 4 hours ago, Noel said:

    Love those massive distinctive  round buffers on the AEC sets

    The AEC railcars were originally fitted with smaller buffers, but I think there were issues with buffer locking. When the new larger buffers were fitted the lamp irons had to be moved inwards to new positions, as lamps mounted on them would have been hidden by the buffers.

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  15. 4 hours ago, Niles said:

    I know of the extant ones in Ireland, Downpatrick's 3189 is dualbraked... the RPSI pair are vac only as is the weedspray one *I think*.

    The vans were only vacuum braked, not dual braked. The through pipes connected the loco to the air brakes on the wagons, running along the outside of the underframe. The vans were, if I remember correctly, T.L.A.

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