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  1. Looks like the case of trains, the guitars, and the Xbox will need to be locked up for a few weeks
  2. I'll be starting the junior cert in the morning the thought of a hornby P2 with sound is a nice thing to daydream about during the exam for if I do well, still as little as I've studied it gets right boring altogether and the thought of working on the layout becomes more important than oul romeo and juliet
  3. If you look in my workbench thread I did a conversion last year, it's easy enough though the tender drive in the dean goods isn't the best, I believe the bachmann c class is supposed to be a good representation aswell though you may prefer converting something cheaper. I'd get the link for the thread but I'm restricted to the phone at the moment
  4. BabyGM

    Brians Workbench

    Thanks Seamus I ran her in the club last friday on her own but i cant wait to see a rake of cravens or 1950s/60s freight wagons behind a double header. I suppose it'll be typical that now I have scratchbuilt this, Paddy will announce an RTR one
  5. BabyGM

    Brians Workbench

    The 121 is now finished and was just in time for the MRSI competition, just(The paint was still wet) I painted it in the original grey livery though I think I'll strip and repaint it as there are many blemishes because I used primer as the topcoat. Anyway here are some pictures: Transfers and wipers are studio scale models which are excellent,paint is Rust oleum grey primer and brush painted humbrol matt yellow, all handrails are guitar D strings and hand painted Brian
  6. Thanks again Murray Just out of curiosity would warning panel yellow work for the RAL 1021
  7. Great info there Murray thanks very much
  8. Hi guys my scratchbuilt 121 will soon be ready for painting so can anyone point me in the right direction as to the RAL colours or if there are any readily available paints or aerosals that are right for the original grey livery Thanks Brian
  9. BabyGM

    Brians Workbench

    Todays project was a scratchbuilt 121. I'm using a 141 chassis and I'm also cannibalising some of the parts and details Construction is entirely plasticard. Alot o tidying up to do and the roof is a pain in the arse to get right The only problem during the build was the weights/cab supports on the no 2 end which took about an hour off filling and cutting to get to the correct height Brian
  10. Wow thats a great collection of websites ,thanks for posting them. There goes the rest of my day
  11. Thats some interesting info I never knew the scotsman had an A4 boiler, I also have another A1 that I got cheap that I'm repainting into wartime black. I never knew the NRM scotsmans were rare, thoiugh I think Hornby are re-releasing them soon. Hopefully once I get a bit of money I'll get a railroad one to give a bit of detail, trying a few gresley teaks is also in my mind Thanks Dave, I like the silver A4 aswell, I think hornby are releasing one as part of a silver jubilee pack soon, the layout is currently stacked up against a wall. It was progressing nicely untill I realised the trackwork wasn't up to scratch so now its just a bare baseboard
  12. Cheers Fran I've had a good look at a few threads on RMweb one by a guy called mick was especially good. I might get myself a railroad scotsman as a better starting point for improvement so I don't wreck the NRM one I'll have a look at the LNER forum
  13. Thanks for all the comments lads, Anthony your absolutely right between the linkage and the beauty of them its great. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Q1 aswell I think its just how they made such a good engine with the idea of cutting corners in cost material and maintenance Has anyone thought about Hornby's new TTS sound. I'm thinking of a sound P2 and perhaps railroad A4 which is probably less than some other decoders at £100
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