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  1. . Right no more they screamed . promice this is the last one . i found 2 pics as its more or less what i was trying to show of how a slightly longer layout can look with that case look . the top bar acts as a view block so at eye level you can not see were the sky back ground ends . this one i made with a floating end . just for the record its narrow gauge GN15
  2. Well i have managed to take a few pics after work to day of the finished front it was a bit to bright outside so i only took one and had to do take the others in doors . one thing i havent shown so far is the two track traverser . just a real simple mdf construction one track gives access to both tracks the other is a storage track or to use a 2nd loco to bring in or take away stock . when all finised the traverser sits on top of the layout so can be packed a way
  3. Thanks Galteemore a good few of my layouts have had telephone and power lines in them . i think i started include ing them after doing a ho american layout a few years ago .
  4. Yes i think it was Iain's rice's book that gave me thoughts about boxing in my layouts . in fact most of mine have been . it makes you look in to the layout so you have to look around before you see every think . here is a pic of one of my micro's based on coal mine that was all boxed in . it allso helps protect the layout and a on30 layout which was a bit bigger .and its all just done in timber batterens and hard board
  5. Hi Murphaph thanks its really nice to know you like the layout small or micro layouts are not every ones cup'a tea . i have managed on sunday to tidy up the whole out side of the layout by boxing in the frount giveing it a fish tank or old TV look its had a good coat of black to bring it all together . i will post a few pics up as soon as i can . i had a quick look at the tegral cement works you had metion i found some excellnt few pics of overgrown weed covered tracks crossing gates etc right up my street my kind of modeling . Murphaph ime sure you wiill be able to build a good model of the sideings etc my tip is keep it as simple as possible and remenber your free to use modelers choice do your own version if you like . cheers all the best .
  6. Hi all just a quick few pics off new loco 121 class no 126 ime really pleased with this loco i have been thinking of getting one for ages i am rurring it on anlog as yet to get a decoder for it but even on DC it runs brilliant , it will not stay this clean for long it will get a good weather ing soon
  7. brilliant work there Ian and good vid to
  8. A change in motive power has arrived in the yard in the form of a 071 class . or may be i should say has squeezed in the yard number 086m has brought in a couple of cement bubbles to shunt in to the loading point when all sorted the crew will run light engine back down to the juction ooops i left the pics out
  9. kevo


    are yes your right steel company of wales had the alcos .
  10. kevo


    your right there moxy loading gauge would be a reall problem they would have to had them custom built , thats a sad pic for foster yeomans alco ime a fan of the alco's ime not sure but i think the foster yeoman alco is preserved some where i could be wrong tho . its nice to know that a american loco was used here be the only chance of hearing a real alco . ime really glad i asked the question now about 141's and 071's its turning up some real gems of pics from people .
  11. kevo


    Thats amazing you can see the simlar look there in those locos . they have such a clasic shape its a shame there are not more of them scattered over the world. ime in the uk it would have been really nice if good old BR had placed a order for some 141's and 071's i could just picture them in BR blue and yellow ends even in BR green .
  12. kevo


    Hi just wanted to ask can any one tell me if the 141 CLASS locos and 071 CLASS were just built for irish railways only by general motors . Or did they export that same design to any other country .
  13. Thanks guys for the comments . i think i may have to get this layout down of rhe top of my bookcase at the weekend and blow of the dust for a running session
  14. I know its diverting away from my currant project but ive putt in a few pics of how far i got with it . things like the red phone box will have to be changed etc
  15. Thanks dave glad u like it its not far off complete now . but i have a bit more tweeking with weeds etc and those cement come fertilizer bags on the pallet stack need some weather ing and the last bit will be the front board ing to go on so it will look like a fish tank . after this project i have another small layout that i started but never finished it was a BR scottish region small station but will now get a irish theame make over .
  16. hi to all i have managed to track down a couple of 2nd hand IMR cement bubbles just 2 add a bit of a change and to add to my lack of irish rolling stock . i doint know whats happened to IMR they doint seem to be around any more i did have a break van and some cie box vans from them a few years a go and would and would like to replace them as they all got sold on when i went back to narrow gauge moddeling . any way hope you like the new pics and my other 141 no 177 shuntting them around . allso i have startted adding a few bits of grass tuffs and over the next few evenings will add more weeds and grass growing in the cracks in the hard standing .
  17. hope thease two pics give a better view of the hard standing . i enjoyed building this layout a few years ago it was not very big possibley only 4 ft long the run off had a 3 track taverser another shunting type layout really , i sold it on to fund other projects so its out there some where i hope still . last pic gives a over all view of the whole thing .
  18. Tanks all for your kind comments Hi David yes i 1st used some stick on grass tuffs of different bllends then i used a cheap static grass applicator looks a bit like one of them old tea strainers and covered the grass tuffs with different mixes of static grass fibers till it got that really over grown look , the concrete hard standard ing is just white plastic card cut to shape in and around the track then blown over with grey primer then i just used railmatch concrete acrylic paint in a wash and kept adding different greys whites etc . when dry then i use cheap artis chalks rubbed on with my finger till it looks ok .
  19. i found thease two pics that just show some more concrete hard standing on my old cement layout , i guess one reason i did this was it saved on groud cover . also seen here my old c class loco sadly i no longer have ,
  20. Thanks Galteemore quite a few of my other layouts have eneded up with concrete approns i use a wash of greys and white and then use weather ing powders aii rubbed in till ime happy with the look
  21. A before with the stone walling and after with the corrogated cladding need ssome blending in with paint to cover up the joint
  22. Thanks Galteemore my interest in irish railways has only been basicly a year or so . so ime still finding my way around . i have just looked up new ross and found a few pics . . brilliant that is right up my street cement and fertiliser over grown sindings etc and in the 1980 thanks again for that . just taken a end on view from under the bridge
  23. now the ducting and safety ladder our glued back in place and blend back in .next job will be to tackel the stone walling on the end wharehouse i will probly clad this in corrougated sheeting so as to give it a more neutral look so it dus not tie the layout to any paticular region .
  24. thanks bandon its a really easy way and quite fun to do it still needs a dusting over with some weather ing powders to finish off
  25. hi all as its hang on to your hat weather where i am this bank holl . thought i would knuckel down to some bits on the boxfile . one bit that needed finishing off was part of the duct work from the warehouse i wanted to achive a blister peeling paint look . there are lots of ways to achive this look . one methord thats works for me is the hair spray and salt tech hope thease pics show how i did it with the base coat of rust allready on next stage was use a can of cheap hair spray blow over what ever your subject is a few quick coats is enough then just sprinkle some table salt on air brush your top coat on leave to dry for 10 mins then with a stiff paint brush and water brush the salt and you should be left with a nice rusty pealing look hope this is of use
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