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  1. Well, I've managed to find some shelf space and built a new layout! Well at 50cm long it's more like a loco programming track but at least I can sit in the office with the sound of a diesel engine ticking over in the background!
  2. Thanks for the "save Trathnona" campaign but my employer has imposed a work from home contract so there's two of us working in a 8x6 room. By the time I've brought all my work kit and file's home, the office is a bit snug! However, I do have plans for a new layout on a spare shelf but at only 3ft long, it might be a bit tight for a 201 but will see where we go with it! finalrun.mp4
  3. And the last running session before the lights go out and the track gets lifted as the train room has to make way for a home office. last run.mp4 last run.mp4
  4. Anyone know of somewhere that does sets of replacement number plate decals to replace UK plates on the rest of the Oxford range?
  5. Just as I'd got the funds together for some Accurascale hoppers, this comes along and clears it out! It could have been worse, if you'd been announcing beet wagons today that would have been my class 37 fund gone as well!
  6. Can see the kegs and pallets appearing on lots of UK layouts as well,, really well made. And I spied updated pix of the spoil and weedkiller wagons! Looking very nice!
  7. C-Rail make some great containers, well detailed . https://www.c-rail-intermodal.co.uk/
  8. Love following the progress of this layout. I was born after the line closed and used to walk to school along the old track bed emerging at the side of Desmonds! Been going through some old copies of the Tyrone Constitution and came across these if they are of any use.
  9. Trying to figure out the workings of the unloading of the Tara wagons at the port. I'm aware that the loco leads into the siding and moves to the parallel track via the traverser. Does it then run round to propel the wagons into the traverser and tippler before then running round again to pull each wagon off the traverser when empty? Or is there a mechanism to move the wagons with out the aid of the loco. I've seen a video and pix of the operation of the traverser and tippler but since lost the link.
  10. Ballast ploughs weathered, not particularly happy with the result as my usual method of a wash of thinned down matt cote and weathering powders resulted in the livery washing off the model!
  11. Gave into temptation after Model Rail Scotland and bought some Hattons Network Rail rolling stock!
  12. Just finishing off one from ebay. First attempt at kit, and found it fairly straight forward.
  13. Back from Model Rail Scotland with a handful of LEDs snd spent the night lighting the layout!
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