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  1. Some hand made modern Dublin Bus stop shelters added complete with Irish Rail & McDonalds Big Mac Adverts Designed and created some PnT Telefon boxes added a nice touch of old Ireland A modern late 90s/Noughties Eircom phonebox complete with internal image of interior and advertising side panels.. A two car RTC on quays.. Gardai on scene directing traffic
  2. I do have a busker with his a guitar to add in yet and even a BIG ISSUE Seller The Bachmann figures are great
  3. Well definitely the railings around the Harbour wall to stop people falling in the drink but I'm waiting for them to be delivered
  4. Ratio railings been installed on the Docklands platform.. 2701 ARROW DMU awaiting a signal to depart alongside the newly installed Irish Rail Litter Bins "Bruscar" Its Thirsty work platform vending machines fit in nicely I think.. More Modern era An Post post boxes created too which will be dotted around the layout and future town along side the more traditional pillar style ones. A handmade EIRCOM phone box and yes they still will accept your call cards Public Litters Bins added too..
  5. Cheers Rob chuffed myself think they look smart
  6. A few bits done and added over the past week.. some new handmade signs especially happy with the new taxi branding on the side of the taxi and Garda Station lamps and they turned out
  7. The Marketing department have been around today any excuse to expense the trip out of the IR head office
  8. The old manual ticket inspectors hut at the Docklands station has been replaced with these new fancy automatic ticket barriers complete €100 Fixed Penalty Notice warning sign.. "Compulsory Tickey Area" as seen on real life Hueston station barriers
  9. Hope the bus comes in time for her to catch her flight ✈
  10. Some work on the regeneration of the Docklands station today with the addition of Ticket machines & departure board.. just waiting on ticket gates go arrive next and a busy port scene with plenty of Freight movements yesterday evening
  11. Not to be outdone by Dublin Buses recently introduced bus stops Bus Eireann added their own stops on the Station road outside the Harbour House office building
  12. Some new additions today new handmade Pay & Display Machines & Signage.. a handmade new "Eye in the sky" CCTV masts keeping a close eye on the locals and a excellent Shedring Hobbies code3 models & accessories Garda Traffic Corp bike .. the Quayside is really starting to come to life just have install some appropriate railing to stop anyone falling in
  13. The factory turned out great
  14. http://kentgardenrailways.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1671 Skaledale one Ive minded since 2006 but I think they are doing a rerun on it. Here one I've found online.
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