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  1. Screen_Recording_20210419-115553_Facebook1.mp4 Alot my Irish Street & Station accessories and custom items like Dublin GAA bunting & flags appear on Sean's fantastic layout.. Seeing how Sean used our taxi sign as a nice memory and nod to his Grandad is a really nice touch :)
  2. Irish Rail

    Irish Rail

  3. Cheers mate just wanted to create some little Irish accessories onto the scene
  4. Bought both off Millipede on adverts.ie think they were originally Lima or Hornby MK2As, one made into a prototype Mk2A Control Car They were about €40 each he's really decent to deal with
  5. Custom IR Era Station name signs Handmade level crossing warning signs IE Station name boards , Ticead/Ticket Machine , IE Station bruscar bins , IR Information boards Some of items I've made such Garda incident signs , vending machines , pay & display machines and taxi detailing sign pack along Guinness pub signs and some Irish bus stops
  6. Yep thats me I make them all up by hand for my own layout and also some which are for sale from my collection like these.. any one interested feel free to drop me a message I sell direct too which offers better value then ebay :) Cheer for the shout out BTB
  7. Some additions and work on the layout Very impressed with Glenderg warning lamps and IRM container flats.. Some new C Rail 20ft containers too New CIE Railway Byelaw signage and added some improved level crossing signs I made too
  8. The District Court received its official seal today with the Harp being added and the Ports control centre (PCC) receiving some attention too Iarnród Éireann No.124 Locomotive on a push-pull commuter service comprised of a Mk2A carriage & control car
  9. YouCut_20201226_124734427.mp4 YouCut_20201208_130430108.mp4
  10. NIR 071s and Gatwicks/Mark's 2 in the crying game passing over what I believe is Betty's town bridge in "the crying game" 1992
  11. Picked up Murphys Model Locomotive No. 230 in the Enterprise livery yesterday as an early Christmas present to myself.. had fun running it today with my 201 DVT/Control Car with some ICR traffic on the adjacent line YouCut_20201208_130430108.mp4
  12. I agree cant beat the simple arrow logo station signs
  13. New arrival today a 201 Irish Rail Enterprise Control Car/DVT being hauled by 171 as the 201 is down for maintenance two passenger carriages due in the future to compliment this car will look well providing the Enterprise service between Dublin & Belfast 2020-12-04-153024313.mp4
  14. Got it about 12 years ago off Adverts I think.. lovely runner it's a repeated hornby 152 I think
  15. Local Gardai been kept busy lately.. And an Arrow service arrival servicing county Kildare YouCut_20201117_151930690.mp4
  16. Some improvements on the Docklands station including new station name plates and new station newsagents on the platform the intercity 22000 class DMU passengers will be happy Other bits made over past few weeks for the layout too such as a detailed Garda station & post office along with some Irish street scene accessories
  17. Some hand made modern Dublin Bus stop shelters added complete with Irish Rail & McDonalds Big Mac Adverts Designed and created some PnT Telefon boxes added a nice touch of old Ireland A modern late 90s/Noughties Eircom phonebox complete with internal image of interior and advertising side panels.. A two car RTC on quays.. Gardai on scene directing traffic
  18. I do have a busker with his a guitar to add in yet and even a BIG ISSUE Seller The Bachmann figures are great
  19. Well definitely the railings around the Harbour wall to stop people falling in the drink but I'm waiting for them to be delivered
  20. Ratio railings been installed on the Docklands platform.. 2701 ARROW DMU awaiting a signal to depart alongside the newly installed Irish Rail Litter Bins "Bruscar" Its Thirsty work platform vending machines fit in nicely I think.. More Modern era An Post post boxes created too which will be dotted around the layout and future town along side the more traditional pillar style ones. A handmade EIRCOM phone box and yes they still will accept your call cards Public Litters Bins added too..
  21. Cheers Rob chuffed myself think they look smart
  22. A few bits done and added over the past week.. some new handmade signs especially happy with the new taxi branding on the side of the taxi and Garda Station lamps and they turned out
  23. The Marketing department have been around today any excuse to expense the trip out of the IR head office
  24. The old manual ticket inspectors hut at the Docklands station has been replaced with these new fancy automatic ticket barriers complete €100 Fixed Penalty Notice warning sign.. "Compulsory Tickey Area" as seen on real life Hueston station barriers
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