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  1. Hi Guys, I run Marklin AC analog and dont know the first thing about digital.In a moment of madness I took in part trade alot of Roco and Fleischmann AC which are chipped. I dont know what chip is in them ,but the owner said he used an ECos controllor and that a Marklin controllor wont be to run them without the proper address. I am going to open up one of them to see whats what.Now as the motor is in tender will the chip be in the loco main body. Thanks Eddie
  2. Since 9/11 they hold a sniper competition in Fort Benning, USA open to all countries . Teams of 2 take part over a 4 day period with very little sleep etc This year a team from Ireland consisting of a spotter and a sniper beat out teams from USA, Germany ,France , UK, Canada etc and came in first. Its the first time a team from outside US won. So it seems Ireland can beat out the so called top Special Forces outfits . Way to go Ireland.
  3. Morley Vector twin controller with 2 hand held trottles. Good for N-HO-OO-O scale DC. Each track 12v DC, points CDU, 12v accessory circuit. I have switched to Marklin AC so no use for it now.Each hand held about 7.5 ft long. Sell for 50 Euro obo Or trade for any Marklin stock etc. Weight is about 1.5 Kg I tried to add photo but no luck
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