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  1. Thanks folks, certainly food for thought. I'll keep an eye on ebay for dcc controllers esp the NCE. The locos i plan on converting: Hornby A1 flying scotsman (tender driven) Hornby class 58 (currently motorless) Lima class 37 Lima class 55 Lima class 43 HST Lima J50 (currently in pieces) Not neccesarily looking to improve performance but to have individual control of the locos. I read that while the hornby select in not nmra compliant it is still compatible with many decoders..is thid true? I like its simplicity. John.
  2. Hi folks, My first post here, go easy on me! Im starting an 8x4 layout build using my old (mostly lima) stock. Its been a while since ive done anything like this so im not really up to date with the latest developments and DCC products. Ideally I woukd like to go DCC straight away but as money is a factor id like a pretty cheap option. A no frills basic controller would suit me as i'd be controlling no more than 2 or 3 locos at a time. What would you reccomend? Ill obviously need to convert my locos to DCC but that looks very simple. Thanks, John.
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