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  2. Thanks, I can't lay any claim to the layout - that's David. ...but I do have a keen interest in 7mm models of the Indian narrow gauge. The latest model is of a Western Railway 'W' class 0-6-2 Tender loco. (Ignore the round weight - it's for balancing the overhang with the lack of trailing truck.) Paul.
  3. Hi David, Nice to eventually catch up with you. Yes - I have been following your CVR stock build - especially after seeing the Ragstone Models loco advertised. Those coaches are always very nice and look good on any layout. The HWLR now has replaced the coach with two CVR longies and one CVR shortie. However, these are mounted on Bachman On30 coach bogies and have no celestories. It was really nice to see those photos of the stock when 'new'. It's suffered a little bit over time - especially the locos and I have been sympathetically restoring it. Likewise the layout has needed some work to bring it back up to scratch and reverse some of the other owners' changes. It still needs some work. I would be interested to know where the SLR 2-6-2 and Baldwin ended up. (Replacements are in hand). More info at http://ngrm-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7743-cranbrook-o-165-re-visited/ . You'll have to get an ID to log in. Regards, Paul.
  4. ... And Cranbrook, with its stock is living with me in Staffordshire. Paul.
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