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  1. 2 hours ago, Blaine said:

    Unlikely given theres a mere 3 coaches in the pic, after 113 arrived they rarely worked on the Enterprise. Its deputising for a 80 class set here

    Plus there was a period between the 70’s dying and the 450’s being in full service that I would imagine anything goes as long as it moved!

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  2. On 17/9/2021 at 6:18 PM, RedRich said:

    Amazing shots. They really are magazine quality. The setting is also familiar looking which is what makes it stand out.



    1 hour ago, David Holman said:

    Can only agree, Rich. Very much deserves a wider audience.

    Thanks so much lads for the positive feedback. Much appreciated. 

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  3. Peco at Beer is a real delight to visit. The business has a really professional look and the site is a credit to all the staff and it’s owners. 
    Well worth a visit if you’re in the area. 
    Plus enjoy a cream tea in the Pullman!





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  4. 3 hours ago, Colin R said:

    Hi Guys just to give you all a bit of the heads up, I have just emailed a friend of mine at Peco and they were not aware of this forum, so now they have a link so don't be surprised if you get asked about your modelling from them, it would be good to see some of these layouts in the magazine and also some of the how to do it articles as well.

    After previous encouragement earlier in the thread I contacted Railway Modeller about an article on my layout.  They were very interested and I submitted everything requested. Haven’t heard from them since, that’s 5 months. 
    I made them aware of this forum back then. 

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  5. Here's one of the Mk2b's converted to a 80 Class trailer in 2001 in Portrush.  Also included a photo of a typical 80 Class Easter in Portrush.  Seen as many as 11 power cars in the Port at once during the early to mid 1990's.





    Ballymoney just to finish



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  6. 48 minutes ago, Rob said:

    Looks very impressive!  I know nothing about US stock but it looks great.    👍👍👍

    I’m no Canadian railroad expert but got hooked on the models after a visit to Canada in 1996. The railroads were impressive and the models light years ahead of anything available for the British market at the time. 

    Now of course we are spoiled with all the great Irish stuff available but the CP Rail bug is still alive so I have a little 8 foot by 18 inch shelf layout to show off the motive power. 

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  7. 9 minutes ago, Warbonnet said:

    Conversely there are many NIR 111s and 201s, not to mention silver fox and MIR kits of Hunslets with little to nothing to haul. It's always a case of "grab these now or regret it later" and so far sales have been positive. With the backlog at the factories the way we are the production run of these will be smaller than recent things we've made, so worth keeping that in mind too.



    I don’t think I will be taking any chances. 

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  8. The 201’s are an excellent match.
    Here’s a couple of photos. Sorry about the quality of the NIR MV Class 104 but it gives IRM an excuse to produce a C 201 Class model and it’s just after departing Ballymena for those interested. 



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  9. So for all of us with MM 111’s it’s great to have stock of equal or better quality to run with them at last and I will certainly be ordering my fair share as budget dictates. 

    Now for those that like everything prototypically correct the bad news. 
    MM112 carries certain features that came along after these coaches were withdrawn. 
    MM113 carries the large front yellow panel that I believe again would have been painted after the coaches withdrawal. 
    MM111 is actually the only one that would have run with some of these coach packs in real life. 
    So this is an excellent opportunity for Murphy Models to get another run of 111’s done with the correct features and colours to run with these and give modellers who missed the chance to get one. 

    I know I can’t wait for these coaches. Never did I believe these would be available RTR. Brilliant. 

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