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N Gauge Buses

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I bought these buses from Marks Models at the North Down show at the weekend.

Could any one tell me if the Guy Arab 11 bus ran in Ireland.

Also did the Leyland Atlantean buses with the indented rear lower window (as per the yellow bus) run in Ireland. I know that those without the indent did but were likely to be the Leyland Olympian versions.



Any help is appreciated.


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Hi Mike

I'm no expert on Irish buses, but this is what I have been able to find so far.

Bus manufacturers made the chassis, and with a very few exceptions, the bodies were usually built by separate coachbuilding firms who gave the bodies their own 'style.'

The Guy Arab II did run in Belfast. HERE is a link to MZ7421.  Belfast also had the later Guy Arab III chassis.  I'm not familiar enough with the Farish model to tell if the bodywork is similar to the Belfast version.

The Leyland Atlantean.  Arguably Leyland's most successful bus with over 8000 built.  As you would expect, there have been many different body styles built on that chassis over the 38 years it was in production.

The Farish model appears to be based on an Eastern Coach Works (ECW) body, with the separate engine bustle at the rear.  Similar bodies were available on the big island from Northern Counties and from Alexander.  As far as I can tell, all of CIE's Atlanteans were bodied by Van Hool McArdle, who designed a body without the distinctive rear engine bustle.  The answer to your question whether an Atlantean matching Farish's body style ran in Ireland I am 99% sure is no, unless anyone else knows differently.

If you want to find details of a specific bus, Bus Lists on the Web is a useful starting point, although not all the photo links from that site to Flickr work.


Hope this helps.


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Thanks Moxy

There are some minor differences between the Farish model and the bus shown in the Flickr photo. Given the small scale it may not be worth adding them in.

I suspected that the Atlantean body was different. The yellow one is in Tynemouth livery and the blue in NBC Northern. I should be able to make it straight enough to look similar to a Vanhool or Alexander.



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