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  1. Hi WaYSidE From what I have read on this forum in the prototype, wagons are marshalled depending on where they are going and which need to be dropped off first. In model form the positioning is not an issue. MikeO
  2. MikeO

    N scale bridge

    Hi Fergus This is very much a personal decision and is just one of the many decisions to be made by modellers about what is the best option in a specific case. My personal view is that if you are not going to put in over head wiring then you will never need the pantographs to be up. On that basis use the Hack Brocken. I have a German layout which I am currently rebuilding and I am installing a Faller bridge. When I assembled the bridge, the instruction gave me the option not to include the 2 end pieces in the bridge roofing as by doing so I would not be able to have the pantographs up. I made the decision to put in the end pieces as I did not envisage putting in over head wiring. if I ever change my mind i will need a new bridge or maybe a new layout. MikeO
  3. I did not manage to get many photos of other layouts at Cultra on the 10th November. A few that i did get were Castlederg a truly impressive layout. Another one was of Obins street Some of the others have already been posted above by Irishrailwayman MikeO
  4. Attached are a few photos of scenes of my T-Trak layout taken at the Cultra Exhibition on 10th November. There was a very good attendance on the day and the people seemed to appreciate all of the layouts. The first is a general view of the front of the layout. The next is a view at the back showing trains awaiting their turn. Next there are 3 detail scenes showing respectively vehicle on the corner module, Class 800 with a variety of bogie coaches and a U2 class with some LMS NCC bogie coaches This next set of photos were taken at a small local show on the 14th November held at La Mon House First up is an overview of the front modules The show reflects farming interests so the next photo is a close up of the farming module developed for the day. The last 2 photos show an A Class with a rake of Black and Tan coaches and a C class at the head of a mixed freight train MikeO
  5. I posted the dates for the UMRC show apologies for the confusion. North Down is usually the week after Easter but that can change. MikeO
  6. Llanuwchllyn is an impressive layout. While the photos on the form show it off well, seeing at the show is a whole different experience, for the better. Seeing stock moving on the layout brings it to life. MikeO
  7. A few photos of the T Trak layout at the UMRC show in Belfast this weekend (25/26 August). The first 2 photos show the layout over view. The each side was 6m (20ft) The second 2 Show The Strand Hotel and Wooden Bridge modules with new backscenes. The Atlantic and Pacific Hotels are an approximation of how they may have looked deduced from The links members provided. The other houses are based mostly on existing houses on Upper Strand. Trains in the fiddleyard awaiting turn Some cameos from the Strand Hotel and the Village modules The final set show a number of train formations recorded during the weekend A Class 071 with cement train GNR PPS no. 18 with mixed Goods The Class 8500 series DART and the Mixed goods train passing Lastly WT Class 57 with the Enterprise MikeO
  8. I hope to get a chance to see the layout, if I can get away from the T-Trak. MikeO
  9. A few photos of my T trak layout from the !st Bangor show in May 2018. Some new features are the Strand Hotel module, a new back scene to the Girder Bridge module and 2 new locomotives a C class, based on a BR Class 22 and a WT class based on a Fairbarin , my other WT class is based on BR 4MT. They have been numbered 56 and 57 respectively. MikeO
  10. Ken That is a brilliant looking model. i hope it prints out well for you. Have you got a chassis in mind for it? MikeO
  11. Thanks Eoin If you do not already have customers for the DARTs keep me in mind MikeO
  12. Thanks for the input Sven. It did not come with a blanking plate but I may later change CV 29 back to 6 and try it on my analog track. My understanding is that setting a CV at 0 or 255 is the same thing ie it means use max speed, therefore to me setting CV 6 to 0 is a strange thing for the manufacturer to do.
  13. I have a German N Gauge ET87 railcar which does not increase its speed after speed step 14 although it is set for 28/128 speed step running. It is by Trix and has a Ct Electronics decoder version 59. The model is about 10 years old but did not come with the information you now get about CVs. I cannot find anything only line to help with the CV settings although decoder version 76 seems close in terms of default values. The default settings for those which I think are affecting the speed are CV 2 = 3 CVs 3 and 4 = 4 CV 5 = 0 CV 6 = 0 CV 29 = 2 CV 50 = 255 CV 51 = 120 CV 52 = 60 CV 64 = 100 CV 116 = 0 I changed some of the CVs including setting CV 29 to 6 but no difference. I have reset the decoder a few times to the factory settings but again no change. It almost seems like it is stuck on half speed. Has anyone any thoughts on the issue. MikeO
  14. Hi Eoin The DART looks really well, the work of a real craftsman. One would be a good accompaniment to my own 8600 series one.. Perhaps some will be ready to purchase by the end of the year. MikeO
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