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  1. Both DiveController, Rob and DJ Dangerous have made a lot of good suggestions. I model Irish and German N Gauge. Changing to N Gauge will involve much more expense. There are lots of RTR British, European and American N Gauge stock, buildings and scenery available. There are no Irish RTR stock you would need to buy other suitable RTR stock and convert them. While N Gauge is roughly half the size of OO the advantage is that you can run longer trains. However you will still have to make compromises as to what you include on your layout in terms of sidings and buildings and where they can be positioned. Even in N Gauge things are still going to be fairly close together. By way of illustration I am including 3 photos of my German layout. This is my second revision which does not fully meets my needs so I will have to expand it again.
  2. A great little layout. The weathering technique is very effective and looks simple to achieve.
  3. Looks worth a visit late June or early July.
  4. Looking well. The main thing is patience, something I struggle with each time I start a new model. Also as has been said in other threads keep checking the next step against your drawings or photos. I have lost count of the times I have proceeded on the basis of memory just to find out it is wrong. MikeO
  5. David A brilliant piece or workmanship. The end result really makes up for all the trials and tribulations involved in the construction process. MikeO
  6. No personal experience. A friend bought a number of diesel bodies with the idea of putting them on an SW9 chassis. I saw the bodies. First impressions were that they need a lot of work to make them look smooth as indicated in various threads in this forum. The main issue was the amount of space inside the locos it was very narrow and did not look like an SW9 Chassis would fit with out widening the inner walls of the body. Un fortunately he has not gotten around to doing anything with them. MikeO
  7. An N gauge layout in whatever size you want to make is very feasible. You have made a good start with this one. The skills you have learned in converting the oo gauge stock will still apply to your N gauge conversions. The 2 main strengths of N gauge are that you can get more into less space and smaller details on the stock are not required( in some cases are very difficult or not feasible to do). The main consideration given the small size of the stock in my opinion is the look. Sometimes that can be tricky enough to achieve. I have been converting/scratch building Irish N Gauge stock for the last 8 years and run the trains on varying sizes of layouts made up of T-Trak modular boards. This is the link to my T Trak thread. Any questions just ask. MikeO
  8. Thanks for you comment Andy. I normally do not have an issue with roof as most coaches would end up dirty black or grey. For the state carriage I had thought that because it did not get used often and was a prestigious vehicle it might be more "colour co-ordinated" to emphasise the important role it played in the fleet. It will likely turn out to be a mid to darkish grey for the roof and a fairly dark grey for the chassis. MikeO
  9. Thanks JHB very useful information as usual. I do not have the Ernie Shepard book but do have Desmond Coakham's book which has two photos of the MGWR state carriage (per Mr Coakham in its CIE Green livery). While the photos are in black and white, the whole coach looks to be the same shade which led me to think that the roof and chassis were also green. Just proves how deceptive photos can be. Given the curvature of the roof of the MGWR state carriage I thought it would also be dark maroon, the roof lends itself to have the livery wrap over it. MikeO
  10. I am looking for some help with roof and chassis colours for MGWR coaches. When the MGWR changed its coach livery to dark maroon were the roof and chassis painted the livery colour? If so would the roof have become darker due to weathering and smoke for the loco perhaps maybe appearing black or very dark grey? In a 2015 thread about a potential layout based on Mulrany it was mentioned that some coach roofs may have been white initially but did not stay that colour very long. In regard to the state coach would its roof and chassis follow the same colouring rules as the other coaches? MikeO
  11. You may already have looked but incase you have not search for "old Greenore" you should in the images section of Google find links to the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage which has some views of the hotel as well as a description which may help deduce what was add to the original building. Look also in the Historical Pictures Archive there are a few alternative views. I think there is a Railway/Maritime museum in Greenore that may be able to help. MikeO
  12. It seems to be a 15 Ton version. I have an IRRS drawing of such. Could be 1910 vintage and about 19ft over headstocks(22ft over buffer). The 10 ton version had only 1 drovers compartment but the same dimensions. the picture in the above post does not show any roof vents/light holders so may have been converted to just a guard or parcel van. Mikeo
  13. I hope to make an N gauge model of this carriage from plastic with glazed windows. While I have information on the exterior and the general layout of the interior of the carriage, I have nothing on the interior walls. Does anyone know if the walls were panelled in similar fashion to the GNR(I) Directors coach. If they were what type of wood was used and was it just varnished? When the carriage was re-liveried into CIE Green did the interior remain the same? Would the various tables and chairs be the colouring same as walls? MikeO
  14. The IRRS booklet Great Northern Railway (I) Carriage Diagrams : Part 5 Non passenger Stock in section 3:8 shows a P2 bogie van. There are 10 listed Nos 783 to 788 were built in 1934 and Nos 755, 757, 777 and 778 were built in 1944. the side elevation drawing shows them to be made of horizontal wooden planking with the sliding doors in vertical planking. they differ from the P1 versions in two main ways: first there are strengtheners 7 on each side, these could be made of metal and are possibly the metal frames referred to by Desmond Coackham. The second difference is that the windows and associated louvres are smaller and have been re-positioned. The letter "G" is on one sliding door and the letter "N" on the other. Unerr the tile of these vans there is a bracketed note to say they can run with passenger or goods trains. there is no similar note for the P1 versions The P1 vans are numbered 779, 780 and 781 no build date given. Hope this helps MikeO When I did a search just now for P2 vans I came across an image of a P2 van which linked to the louthnewryarchive.ie site but no image of the van within the site.
  15. Some what later than planned I have included some photos of combinations of locos and stock that I would not have thought to combine. As often happens when there are delays something similar turns up in this form in various threads. This photo show 3 Park Royals in one short train. This is based on a photo by David Murray This is one is inspired by one of the photos that turned up in the forum in John Mayners thread on GNR grain and open wagons. The Ranks and the Guinness grain wagons have been seen before but I adapted one of the covered wagons to be grain wagon as per the photo in his thread. The next 2 photos show a 201 at the head of a container liner and some bubbles. Another 201 in Enterprise livery with some bubbles Lastly a truly mixed train I took a lot more photos for inclusion but on reviewing them I thought they were not good quality or focused too much on the loco with the rest of the train out of focus.
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