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  1. I hope to make an N gauge model of this carriage from plastic with glazed windows. While I have information on the exterior and the general layout of the interior of the carriage, I have nothing on the interior walls. Does anyone know if the walls were panelled in similar fashion to the GNR(I) Directors coach. If they were what type of wood was used and was it just varnished? When the carriage was re-liveried into CIE Green did the interior remain the same? Would the various tables and chairs be the colouring same as walls? MikeO
  2. The IRRS booklet Great Northern Railway (I) Carriage Diagrams : Part 5 Non passenger Stock in section 3:8 shows a P2 bogie van. There are 10 listed Nos 783 to 788 were built in 1934 and Nos 755, 757, 777 and 778 were built in 1944. the side elevation drawing shows them to be made of horizontal wooden planking with the sliding doors in vertical planking. they differ from the P1 versions in two main ways: first there are strengtheners 7 on each side, these could be made of metal and are possibly the metal frames referred to by Desmond Coackham. The second difference is that the windows and assoc
  3. Some what later than planned I have included some photos of combinations of locos and stock that I would not have thought to combine. As often happens when there are delays something similar turns up in this form in various threads. This photo show 3 Park Royals in one short train. This is based on a photo by David Murray This is one is inspired by one of the photos that turned up in the forum in John Mayners thread on GNR grain and open wagons. The Ranks and the Guinness grain wagons have been seen before but I adapted one of the covered wagons to be
  4. I had not seen this before when I looked the Continental section previously. The best layout is the Hochschwartswald. The loft in which it is located is just as stunning. MikeO
  5. More freight this time from the steam era although many of the wagons were still in use in the early diesel era. The photos are from the steam era. The first 3 photos show an overview of all the freight stock. Photo 3 came about by accident as I was making up a long goods train leaving gaps where I had taken some stock out of the other trains. I thought it lookked like a marshalling yard. This gives a clearer view of the stock A very varied covered van consist These are a mixture of long 4 wheel, 6 wheel and
  6. Moving on to some modern freight. Some you will have seen before in this thread but others are new. In this overview the first 4 containers have been seen before as have the yellow autoblasters and the NIR ballast wagons as well as all but 2 of the cement wagons. However they are here for completeness. The remaining containers are all new. Two are plastic and the others card. All the containers have scratch built wagon flats. The plastic ones are the red/brown which is a C-Rail product and the Maersk is a 1/160 scale Fleischmann one. Two closer
  7. A few photos of the old and the newish Enterprise trains. In the previous post i said I would do 1 photo but like most things as I started to take the photos the possibilities grew so more photos were required. First the old and newish. The old is circa 1948 and the newish circa 2000 although I am open to correction on the later date. While the 201 class and the De Detrich's were firmly in the era of corporate identity. To a certain extent the early train also has a corporate identity, mahogany coaches and blue locos with the usual name boards. The S class and train on i
  8. Paddy Well done and very impressive. Perseverance pays off in the long run. Although you say it is simple to me it is still complex but anything to do with electricity baffles me. MikeO
  9. Continuing with the age of steam the next series of photos cover the GNR, NCC and UTA periods. The overview shots show the stock with different loco types at their head. In this view there are 3 GNR rakes, headed up, from left to right, by PPs class no 43, QNG class no 112 and S class no 70. These are followed by a UTA rake headed by WT class no 56 and the NCC rake with U2 class 74 Here the 3 GNR trains are headed up, from left to right, by V class no 85, S Class no 170 and Vs class no 208 This is the same shot but with the use of flash the blue co
  10. MikeO

    Irish N Gauge

    John You made the following comments "The Lima Irish N Gauge steam loco and passenger coaches were British outline models in CIE livery introduced in the late 70s early 80s. The Lima coaches and wagons were reasonable models by the standards of the time, but I would not recommend the locos if you want a working model. The motor, traction tyre and power pick up system was pretty poor and would cease to run reliably or haul anything after a couple of weeks use. I replaced the tender drive in a Lima o-6-0 with the chassis from a Fleischmann 0-6-0 diesel shunter whic
  11. Moving a little further back in time to the GSR/CIE steam period the next set of photos show a variety of passenger stock.. For the GSR the liveries including the Purple Lake, Maroon and the Cream/Brown. The CIE period covers mostly the lighter green era as well as a "tin" van and a B&T TPO omitted from the first set of photos. Again starting with a few overviews The first overview shows the CIE Green coaches The GSR stock has been added plus a couple of other CIE Coaches J8 no 443 heads a rake of mostly ex MGWR 6 wheel coaches in CIE Livery. No 443 was the
  12. With all the Exhibitions since March cancelled, I temporarily set up a T-Trak layout in my garage. I am taking the opportunity to give all my Irish collection a run and in many cases to combine stock that would perhaps not be seen on the layout at the same time. The following photos show mostly orange and B and T liveried stock with a few more modern items at the end. The rest of the collection will appear over the coming weeks. Much of the stock will have been seen at various times in this thread but some will be new. The first 2 photos as usual show an overview.
  13. A good start. The main thing is that you are happy with them. None of my Irish stock is totally authentic but I am happy with them. MikeO
  14. Peter The buffer beams are attached to each end of the chassis and the buffers are attached to the beams. My measurements include the buffer beams but not the buffers themselves. In respect of the class 37 the attached photos show 1 the buffer beam as seen from the front of the loco 2 the buffer beam and the position of original body as seen from underneath. I hope this helps Given your measurements of the Shapeways bodies neither the class 20 nor the class 37 chassis will suit. MikeO
  15. Peter Did you buy SW9s for the 121. If so were there any issuing in fitting them to the Shapeways bodiy? The Class 20 chassis measures 91mm in length from buffer beam to buffer beam and 15mm in width. With regard to the 071, the length of the class 37 chassis is 121mm in length from buffer beam to buffer beam and 16mm in with. If you have an 071 Shapeways body does this help? MikeO
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