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  1. Lambeg man

    SLIP coaches

    Culled from the Midland Publishing "Irish Miscellany" Volume One video... Interesting about that NG slip.... At one time or another 'Slipping' on the GNR(I) was carried out at Malahide, Skerries, Drogheda, Goraghwood and Lisburn.
  2. Hi Ernie, The location for this one is Eastwood's scrap yard in Andytown, West Belfast. Here is the Belfast Telegraph copy....... Note the wall is the same.... From the Belfast Telegraph: The final resting place for 20-year-old tank locomotive Patricia as she is swung into place in Eastwood's scrapyard at Andersonstown, Belfast, beside her "twin" Wilfred. The two "locos" which are still in working order, came from Courtaulds factory at Carrickfergus, where they were used for hauling coal. They will remain on show in the yard for a couple of years and may then be broken up for scrap. (27/01/1968)
  3. I would have thought 1968 for the year, given that the railcars in the distance are in both UTA & NIR liveries, but 1967 may also be possible. The CIE locomotive has already run around it's Dublin-Belfast 'Enterprise' train and is about to propel it (or is already in the process) back into platform 2 at GVS. This sets the time as being about 11.15 or 17.10. Excellent photograph Ernie.
  4. Sorry if my post was viewed as a negative criticism. That was not my intention. Happy to read your result.
  5. A very nice offer, but any potential buyer should be aware that they are a MIX of "insulfrog" and "electrofrog", the two types not generally being compatible on the same layout. I have accidentally mixed them in the past with frustrating consequences.
  6. Hi Ernie, The top photo is indeed SLNCR No. 3. It was purchased from the GNR(I) in June 1929 and was originally classified an 'R 5' by the previous owners. In the photo it is a 1st/3rd compo with a double door luggage compartment in the centre. Any more carriage gems like this ? Equally interesting is the GNR(B) loco coal wagon, obviously loaded and sitting in a siding in the SLNCR yard. Regards LM
  7. Hi Ernie, The top one was taken from the Black's Road overbridge between Finaghy and Dunmurry. The train is passing the site of where the M1 overbridge is today. The same image is reproduced (in colour) in the book "The Ulster Transport Authority in Colour". Full caption details are provided. Can not help with the second one, other than to add that No. 174 has the 'CIE' stencil on the buffer beam and the second carriage in blue/cream is the 'B 4' Dining Car No. 403 in GNR 'Railcar' livery, dating the picture to 1958/59. It is a Belfast-Dublin service which No. 174 has POSSIBLY taken over at Dundalk, putting the location as being south thereof. I say all that based on the fact John photographed this particular train set at Drogheda on Tuesday 29th September 1958 when it was a through working hauled by a 'V' class No. 86. The use of an 'S' suggests this photo was later. The terrain would jive with Kellystown. Regards LM
  8. "Irish Railways Traction & Travel" (2nd edition) has a photo by Chris Walker dated 21.01.1989 taken at Connolly of NIR First Open No. 904 in service in an 'Enterprise' set, but still in full BR 'Intercity' blue/grey livery.
  9. Hi Airfixfan, I take it that my PM was not what you were looking for? LM
  10. On Sundays I always do a sweep of the 'Talking Pictures' channel for the week ahead looking for those BT films. Some of them are very good.
  11. Ernie, you are a star. I had forgotten the 'Rails Around Dublin' photo. The credit "SLS Collection" indicates it is a Camwell photo? So possibly he also took the one I have asked about? Many thanks to all who took the trouble to pitch in and solve this one. Well done JHB for spotting the "spiked" tramway rails. SUTTON it is!
  12. Hi all, lifted this from wickipedia - Number Name Crewe Works No. Date built Notes 1 Macrory 1509 1873 scrapped in Adelaide, Belfast 2 Greenore 1510 1873 scrapped in Sutton, Co. Dublin by Hammond Lane Foundry 3 Dundalk 1511 1873 scrapped in Sutton, Co. Dublin by Hammond Lane Foundry 4 Newry 1962 1876 scrapped in Sutton, Co. Dublin by Hammond Lane Foundry 5 Carlingford 1963 1876 Withdrawn 1928 6 Holyhead 3877 1898 scrapped in Sutton, Co. Dublin by Hammond Lane Foundry It appears to confirm Sutton, but as JHB said where was that platform in relation to Sutton station proper? Looking on the map featured in http://irishrailwayarchitecture.blogspot.com/2018/11/watt-shock-sutton.html?m=1 there is no track shown in the area where the picture was presumably taken from (looking north towards the station?
  13. Hi Ernie, Many thanks for that suggestion. However the footbridge at Sutton was not covered in this 1957 Norman Simmons picture. Was it previously covered?
  14. Well, another query solved. Thanks guys for taking the trouble. Don't know why I thought it was Larne. Here is one more picture I need help with. This might not even be Irish as there was nothing on the back of the photo when I bought it. However at first glance I thought the track looked too wide for 4' 8 1/2". I thought they might be the DNGR locomotives after the line closed. If they are, where was this one taken? Location? Date? Photographer? Any help appreciated.
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