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  1. Yes, given that the car behind is one of the UTA built AEC Railcars (6 or 7) and appears to be 'dumped' like No. 4, I would have dated this 1966 or later.
  2. Hi Alan, I have very recently purchased an old Triang/Hornby DMU cheap as chips, purely for the motor bogie. This however had the old 'Super 4' chunky wheels. To get replacement wheels I tried contacting a couple of parties that were recommended to me, but none even replied. Then I saw this guy advertising in the 'Railway Modeller'. Dave Good, trading as "Scalespeed", 32 Goldfinch Lane, Lee on Solent, Hants PO13 8LN. His website is www.scalespeed.co.uk. I sent him all four of my T/H DMU power bogies. For about £25 (including P&P) each, all now have Code 100 wheels, have been re-magnatized, re-brushed, cleaned, etc. and he also fitted extra wires to allow electrical pickup from another bogie. Two of them power my two BUT sets, the other two are headed for an MPD and a Class 70 projects which are under way. He does a big range of motor refurbishment. Turnaround time was about five days. I can not recommend Dave's services highly enough.
  3. See "Recommended Service" on page 7 of this sub forum (from June 2010).
  4. Another little story about TV adverts. Years ago they did a survey of the great British public as to which adverts they thought were the best. Hands down winner were the adverts featuring Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins... And what was it they were advertising was the next question... 95% replied "Why, it's Martini isn't it." It wasn't. They were advertising the cheaper brand Cinzano!!!!!
  5. The schumck about f**king adverts is that apart from the BBC, they are a necessary evil if you want to watch something other than 2 and a half hours of 'Strictly', endless hours of football programmes presented by a crisp promoting tosser who is paid £1.25 million a year to sit and chat with his golf buddies on a Saturday evening, endless sh*t about the countryside that is clearly intended to inform townies that there is life outside of the city and endless dross (each of which poses as a programme in it's own right) telling you what is going to be the subject matter of all the forgoing.... With regard to programme length, notice how much time is now spent between BBC programmes promoting other programmes, radio stations, etc? That is because all programmes/episodes are only 25 minutes long for an half hour slot. This is because at some point they will be reshown on a repeat channel - WITH ADVERTS! Rant over.....
  6. Hi Ernie, A lot of photographs were taken here in the Maysfields Yard on that day, probably due to the layover time while the ex-SLNCR tank No. 26 came off and the ex-GNR 'U' class took over the tour train for the run to Bangor. So a lot of noted (and subsequently published) photographers may well have been standing next to each other. Have to say though, all the ones in my collection were taken from the other side of the train. LM
  7. An English girl I used to work with once said she loved my Northern Ireland accent. "I can teach you to speak Northern Irish if you like" says I. "Go on then" says she. "Okay, type this - I GOT A SHEET OF PAPER AND STUCK IN MY TYPEWRITER." (Shows how old this story is!) Anyway, she types this in. "Right, type that last bit again BUT replace all the vowel letters with an 'A'" says I. She does so. I said, "Now read aloud what you just typed in the second time"... "A GAT A SHAAT AF PAPAR AND STACK AN MY TYPAWRATAR"... From Norfolk to East Belfast in one easy move..... For their tea that night she cooked her husband FASH AND CHAPS......
  8. Hi JHB, thanks for resolving that. LM Thank you for the compliment Airfixfan. LM
  9. Not sure where you are getting your material from but that middle photo of 'UG' No. 47 sitting outside Adelaide Shed is credited to Pat Whitehouse in an photo book album of his stuff titled 'Steam on shed'. Or did he poach Senior's work? I would be interested to know. LM
  10. Hi Ernie, I may be wrong, but have you not posted that GNR carriage picture before? I recall posting a guess on my part that the roofboard is comprised of two previous boards being bodged together, one half from a 'Dublin-Derry' roofboard and the other from a 'Belfast-Enniskillen' one. This would date the photo to 1958. W.E. Robertson has had a photo of the same roofboard published few years back. Totally agree, they are all excellent viewing material.
  11. The photo was taken by Jack Patience in August 1960. The engine is J 15 No. 182. It is a Wexford North - Rosslare local service and the picture is reproduced in his book "CIE 1958 to 1962". The postcard version (which I assume the above is) is one of a smallish selection of cards that used to be on sale at the old Transport Museum in Witham Street in the 1960's.
  12. Built 1862 and classified 'O 1' in 1916, No. 33 was withdrawn and grounded in September 1920. Sold to a farmer 1965?
  13. I think this is the relevant bridge prior to rebuilding to allow 'standard' double deckers (as opposed to the 'low bridge' type seen in the photo) to pass under. Like so many other rail over road bridges at the time, e'g' Derriaghy and later Balmoral. Done for the benefit of UTA buses, wonder who bore the cost of these reconstructions? (Photo by R.C. Ludgate)
  14. Many thanks for that Down distant. Nice to put a name to a face. LM
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