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  1. No John, not an AEC Railcar. The still grab is from a Rolling Stones 1965 documentary footage of their Irish tour. They are on a morning 'Enterprise' service of CIE stock to Belfast. From the original film it was pi**ing with rain when they left Dublin. Apart from his identity, why was a UTA driver travelling 'on the cushions' on a morning CIE down service? Oh by the way, our man is engaged in getting Charlie Watts autograph.............
  2. Can anyone identify this person? He was a UTA train driver and was photographed in September 1965
  3. A man tees off for a go around his local golf course by himself on a Sunday morning. Seeing this, St. Peter goes to God. "God, have you seen what that man is doing on the holy sabbath morning. He is playing golf." "Yes, I can see that." says God. "So what are you going to do to punish him God?" says St. Peter. "Watch this." says God. The man tees off from the 4th and by divine intervention his ball goes straight into the 4th hole - a "hole in one".......... "Was that supposed to punish him?" asks St. Peter. God rubbed his bread and smiled at St. Peter................ "Who is going to believe him?"
  4. A young army recruit fresh from basic training gets posted to a base way out in the desert. As he approaches the main gate, it suddenly swings open and a large crowd of soldiers come running out, shouting "The camels are coming! Hurrah! The camels are coming!" Placing his kit bag on the ground, the young recruit watches this melee run past him. In their midst, he spies the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) to whom he shouts - "Private Smith reporting Sir!" The RSM pauses momentarily and looks at the recruit. "Any orders Sir?" asks the recruit. "Get in here with the rest and start running." "Why Sir? Why should I run?" The RSM shouted as he himself resumed running - "Look son, you don't want to end up with an ugly one....." King Harold was inspecting his troops on the eve of the Battle of Hastings. He came to a man holding a large broadsword. "Is that your weapon soldier?" "Yes sire." replied the man. "Are you any good with it?" asked the king. "See that daisy sire?" said the man pointing to the ground in front of him. At that the man stepped back, drew the sword high above his head, then brought it swiftly down and split the daisy head. Harold looked at his Aide-de-camp. "He's good, make sure he is on my right side in the battle tomorrow." Moving on, King Harold came to another man holding a large Battle-ax. "Is that your weapon soldier?" "Yes sire." replied the man. "Are you any good with it?" asked the king. "Do you see that bee above your head sire?" As Harold looked up the man swung the ax swiftly above the king's head and split the bee in two. Again Harold looked at his Aide-de-camp. "He's good, make sure he is on my left side in the battle tomorrow." Reaching a man at the end of the line, who was holding a bow and arrow, Harold asked him "Is that your weapon soldier?" "No sire, I borrowed it." replied the man. "Are you any good with it?" asked the king. "I'm not sure, I've never really used it before" replied the man. "Look" said Harold, "There is a barn door over there, must be only 20 yards or so. See if you can fire an arrow at it." The man fumbled with the bow and arrow, eventually releasing the arrow which went off at 90 degrees to where he should have been aiming. Again Harold looked at his Aide-de-camp. "Keep him as far away from me as possible in the battle tomorrow. He's going to have someone's eye out with that thing."
  5. Received mine this morning. I am very, very pleased with the product. Well done to all concerned.
  6. Yes siree John, the IRRS special did go down to Carrickmacross. 19th December 1959 was the date and there is a nice John Langford colour photo of the special under the station roof on the back cover of New Irish Lines Vol 6, No. 6 (November 2013 edition).
  7. No John, that 1959 IRRS Special did not visit Cootehill. The branch line was lifted circa 1956. See photo of Shantonagh Junction in the 2003 re-vamped Patterson book GNR(I).
  8. Yes I agree, but not the "Duty Solictor" he got at the police station, sounds more like a "civil litigation" expert/"PR consultant". You would be amazed how quickly these people appear out of the woodwork in a high media interest story like this. The Rod Stewart angle makes it just so compelling for them. If the four offenders have no previous criminal matters recorded against them, they will be eligible for a "Police Caution" (as per Home Office guidelines and the CPS "Code for Prosecutors"). They will earn a dis-closeable criminal record, but little else. Even though we all understand the full impact their actions had on the victims, the criminal justice system aims to seek what is best outcome to improve the behaviour of the youth offender. To put them into court will achieve little as the magistrates' hands are tied in respect of previous conduct. The Daily Mail did not publish their images (why?), to have done so would have put the paper in breach of legislation protecting the identity of ALL young people. Come on, half of Stamford must know who they are. Unfortunately for them, currently, their actions (unlike the Daily Mails' print copy) are unlikely yet to be consigned to "yesterday's fish and chip paper".
  9. The first NIR "excursion" set was put together in 1970 with a mix of ex-NCC former steam hauled carriages. The set was painted up in NIR maroon with a silver/white waistband stripe and was hauled by a spare '101' class loco. It was replaced circa 1975 by an 8-car set of de-engined BUT power cars which lasted in this role until circa 1979/80. I am not 100% sure, but I think a former Brake/Second BUT trailer was also retained to act as the Brake vehicle for this latter set. Livery was the same as the initial set. Some photo's at the time show vehicles from this set operating in smaller sets of only 2 or 3 cars.
  10. I wonder if the person who supplied the vodka to these underage people, if he or she was a shop keeper, will be making a donation?
  11. Lambeg man

    The Ultimate

    To briefly return to my earlier comments about AEC Railcar cab fronts (I know, groooooan....), I attach a manufacturers' drawing and a photo: It will be seen from the side view that the cab front does angle outwards at the center, then curve inward at the bottom. What may not have been apparent in my previous post was that looking downwards, one can see the amount of buffer beam that was exposed at the outer ends by the curvature of the cab front. Note that this an AEC company drawing and all the window profiles are incorrect, certainly for the GNR railcars, as they were squared at the corners on the finished product. Also missing from the drawing are the grab handles on the cab front, just below the cab windows and the two lamp irons on the buffer beam, as seen in this photo. Has anyone a suggestion as to how one might construct a correctly fashioned AEC cab front that could be retro fitted to an aspiring model of one these vehicles?
  12. Hi Tony, First a 1961/62 timetable map showing bus services emanating from Omagh, than a list of services from the index. Table No. 6 is the Belfast - Omagh - Derry Rail service, the others are all long distance bus routes. As to the "Bus Service No." - 61: Belfast-Enniskillen (via the Clougher Valley) so not sure why it is listed against Omagh. 75: Omagh-Belfast (via Ballygawley). 86: Omagh-Dungannon. 87: Omagh-Fintona. 88: Omagh-Cashel Bridge. 92: Omagh-Cookstown. 93: Omagh-Gortfin. 94: Omagh-Bundoran. 95: Does not originate from Omagh 96: Omagh-Castlederg. 98: Omagh-Derry. Trust this is of some use. Regards Steve
  13. Lambeg man

    The Ultimate

    An AEC Railcar set (GNR of course), but with the correct profile for the front cab, outward angled middle window bar, bottom of cab windows angled backwards, gentle but pronounced curve along the cab lower panel........ On most most models seen to date (INCLUDING MY OWN!) the front profile is too flat. Oh, and a RTR 'WT'..... er, that's it!
  14. Since I've had no response to my offer of a swap, I am now offering the said item for sale. Any reasonable offer considered. 00 scale Murphys Models Craven 'Snack Bar' carriage for sale. Still in the original box with the extras. It is in the later CIE livery. PM me with any proposal.
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