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RPSI Steam Trials 16th & 17th March

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A series of test trains is being run over two days. Both locomotives, No.186 and No.461, will be in steam at various times over the weekend.

The reason for the tests is twofold: further running-in tests for No.461 and training for the new firemen. The public is welcome to travel with us. The proviso is that the full schedule may not be completed. There will be a single fare each day (£15, to be paid on board) for all-day travel, or any part thereof.






Whitehead Excursion 11:03 13:15 15:47

Carrickfergus 11:18

Belfast Central 11:41 13:54 16:25


Belfast Central 12:05 14:27 16:38

Carrickfergus 17:02

Whitehead Excursion 12:41 15:09 17:16




Whitehead Excursion 10:02 13:00 16:00

Carrickfergus 10:17

Belfast Central 10:56 16:40

Lisburn 11:18 14:04 17:03


Lisburn 11:35 14:33 17:16

Belfast Central 12:05 15:06 17:38

Carrickfergus 18:01

Whitehead Excursion 12:40 15:43 18:16

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