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Killamuck Peat Company (NG7)

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This project was inspired by an ad for Peco Code 75 track. The different sleeper types were advertised as a selling point and I remember thinking that the metal-sleeper track looked very much like that used on Bord na Mona. The thought resurfaced periodically, but I only decided to do something with it once I stumbled across @Aussie Phil’s topic on his O16.5/NG7 Bord na Mona layout. This inspired me to make a start on a similar project myself.

The primary difference, however, is that I plan on modelling a small independent turf company. I have made a small start on the layout, using the board from a postponed project (Royal Park) and several odds and ends and track bits I found around the “railway room”. The primary purpose of this layout is to create something I can exhibit, but also to get my modelling skills to the point where I can build something worth exhibiting. I chose NG7 as 16.5mm gauge track is the most readily available basically anywhere. I plan on using Code 100 track, but I may try to use some of that rail with the metal sleepers from the aforementioned Code 75 track.

The layout will be a simple loop of first-radius curves, separated in the middle by a road, under which the track passes. One side will be the loco shed and wagon sidings, while the other will be a passing loop. Control hasn’t yet been fully decided, but I plan on using 12V DC as I want to use RTR OO chassis.

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