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    Melbourne Australia


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    Move around for work and have to build a layout that can move with me. My girlfriend is from Waterford and in 2012 we visited Ireland. I discovered the CIE and loved it but was completely struck by the Bord na Mona.


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    Modelling the railways of the Bord na Mona in On16 scale


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    Mental Health Nurse

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  1. Aussie Phil

    Aussie Phil

  2. Brilliant stuff mate. Love it as usual. Thanks for the continued inspiration.
  3. Spent a couple of days making some peat wagons the first of which has returned from my paint shop. Masking was incredibly difficult but in the end the time I think has paid off. Next up is addition of couplers and bogies before its first test run. Have also been working on the layout for the first time in a little while. Today I finished off the concrete slabs that I made from balsa wood and painted with a mixture of water paints and powders. Then finished with various ground covers and textured woodland scenic products. Then a hedge row was put in along the main straight. Finally started the plastering and with hopes will have it all down and base coated with brown paint next week. Any questions feel free to ask and I look forward to your feedback
  4. Great stuff. Track plan looks epic and love the functionality it will have. Will be a great layout to play train on.
  5. 1:48 mate. The pair are kit built from shop here in melbourne.
  6. Got going again on the layout looking at how to hide the loop. Put some baseboard work in and started a road. Also cut a hole for a bit of a pond. Will hopefully keep up momentum and get one board finished soon.
  7. Such a brilliant concept. Don't know many wife's that would permit such a wonderful plan to come to fruition. She is truly a special lady. Thanks for sharing and can't wait for more updates.
  8. Will have to set up the tripod and smoke a nice cigar for effect
  9. The good old SD9 chassis have served me well in my early days of modelling aussie prototype. Glad to hear its universal Great idea building a chassis out of plastic card. Was it overly hard? I only ask as have a couple of locos that need frames and was leaning towards brass scratch built but always feel stronger in my abilities with plastics.
  10. Looking at photos the front seems to have a defined edge when it changes angle into the windscreen area but apart from that looks stunning. Great model mate. Keep up the top work.
  11. Finally have started the next section of ballasting ready for it to disappear again under a heap of peat and grass covering
  12. Have started the hills that will lead up to the road bridge on the left end of the layout. Plaster down and have started to detail the old oak tree. The loco has stalled with life taking precident for a little while but will get back to it soon. The scenery is a mixture of foam from some electronics purchased. Shaped by breaking it up and covered with wet newspaper / wood glue. Then a layer of plaster and when its dry it will be painted then scenery will be added. Old school technique but so effective. Have also built a couple of power poles. They are basla wood shaped poles, reinforced with wire through the centre and then weathered before painted white metal castings are applied for the final touches. Thanks and hope you like. Phil
  13. Brilliant stuff. Still blows me away your only 15. Top class stuff. Agree about the backscene. I had similar when modelled HO Aussie stuff and used a 10-12 Matt photo as backscene and looked great with a model in front of it. Cheers for sharing.
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