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Oranmore station

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That's a euro a minute as it takes 7 mins to goto Galway! In contrast I was on a train in the south of France recently on the line from Nimes to Le Grau de Roi and its advertised as the 1 euro train. No matter where you get on its 1 euro per trip. The total length of line must be nearly 30 miles. Obviously heavily subsidised but in a region where tourism is important the bus services alternate with the train and don't always compete. Food for thought!

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I've seen a picture of Oranmore too, a song and dance about opening it but its not much to look at and the cost of a fare to Galway as you say is somewhat prohibitive.


We don't have a clue, sadly nothing new with this place. Do they want to fail?


Even on the 'profitable' or 'more well used lines, they are wasting resources. We have the 'brand new, looking sparkling even after a while being built' Navan Road Parkway. Theres a reason it looks new after all this time, because it isn't much used and now theres rumours of a new station at Ashington, which doesn't need it because you have Navan Road Parkway, Ashtown and Broombridge all in quick succession in that area. The train barely moves before it has to stop again!


Then we have the debacle that is Hansfield and its been heard around that the utilisation of that station, after its much-heralded late opening, is actually worse than pathetic.


Yet, there is a crying need for a station up in Lucan which would be really well utilised as Lucan is hardly small and most people who live there would benefit from it because they find the station at Adamstown on the other line useless because it is not really that near to most parts of Lucan and it only goes to Heuston anyway, and most people don't just work up that end of town, and then have to pay more fares to get where they want to from there. But they won't address that or build it when there is more of a chance they would make a profit from that, than the other planned station, or recently opened ones!


They destroy perfectly good original features, such as the station at Clonsilla, which was rumoured to be protected, don't know how reliable that info is though. But all the same it was a lovely building and better than the typical metal shelter Celtic tiger job as referenced above in Oranmore, that is there now. Probably cost more to demolish that and set up the metal waste than utilising the existing building.


The list goes on.

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