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  1. Train model

    Train model

  2. Is anybody doing a 20ft wagon for the bodies
  3. Are you changing direction or getting out
  4. David all the books in the world won't make a model maker out of me
  5. Well is it possible to get a cad drawing from all the fantastic work that has being done
  6. Hi David would you consider getting it copied by means of a 3d printer in oo scale
  7. Hi Kieran I was on to the guy that sold me the a class and he is going onto the web to find what model was used.I cannot take it apart because it seems to be glued so hope the loco never brakes down.I sent you my e.mail address so if you contact me I have it pulling 12 coaches at a very low speed.i cannot up load videos on the site
  8. It looks fantastic id love to see it in oo gauge
  9. Reminds me of my mispent youth oh predictive spelling got it in 4 goes
  10. Thanks Kieran but who is doing ready to run
  11. I am just wondering as I don't build but happy to run locos how are the SSM models going.Is anybody making them to sell on has a flywheel motor being found.I never saw the actual model
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