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Modern CIE Coaching Stock

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In the period 1951-1959 CIE embarked on a coach building programme and, according to Irish Railfans' News, all were mounted on 61' 6" undereframes apart from the first batch of CK, which were to the GSR design mounted on 60' 0" underframes. The second and third batches of CK changed the seating from 32S/18F to 24S/23F, which meant that they were longer and this is where the 61' 6" underframe makes its first appearance.

At the same time, three batches of SK were built and, in the belief that they were also to the GSR design, would have been mounted on the 60' 0" underframe. New design SO and BSO were also built and, from photographic evidence, would have also been mounted on the 60' 0" underframe.

Can anyone confirm this, please?

Many thanks.



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Stevie, they're hard to get and can be expensive (€.30), but frankly worth every penny.


Enter "Locomotives and Rolling Stock of the Coras Iompair Eireann and Northern Ireland Railways" on amazon.co.uk and there are 3 in stock at the moment.

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