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round top boiler J15 discovery

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Scots Mac

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Hi Guys been browsing the net looking at various locos and kits and came across this loco I'd never seen or heard of before.

An English Southern 01 0-6-0 apparently. This loco and tender resin casting is available from Golden Arrow models and damn me if it doesn't look like a dead ringer for an Irish round top boilered J15.Fits on a Hornby 0-6-0 chassis,thought I was seeing things..... a few wee extra details on the loco and it would pass muster as a J15 to my eyes no ?? Round top boiler j15 model.jpg

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Hi Nelson , typical,I find this model after buying two Deans Goods for conversion and have already started to them. Mind you they have belpaire fireboxes . Just shows you though eh ? I've also noticed today that the tenders attached tp the new Bachmann Great Central engines and "Scottish" directors are damned close to the type of tenders attached to the irish 400 4-6-0s.However I don't see any on ebay as spares yet .

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Hi Nelson , I'll see how I get on with the 2 deans goods. I've already buffed off the Great Western steam domes. I was going to leave one with its belpaire firebox and do the other as a round top but after having found this other loco I probably will buy one. What northern irish engines look like this ?? DAVY

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