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  1. Hello all! I appreciate the comments and likes from my above post! It is great to be modelling again. I don't have a lot to show in this update, but I thought I would share this recent creation. GNR(I) Y5 Passenger Van from Provincial Wagons. Available as a resin kit or Ready To Run (RTR). The kit is complete with metal buffer heads, metal wheels, tension lock couplings and transfers. Email Leslie McAllister at, lesliemcallister@aol.com or check out rest of the range on the Provincial Wagons website. Hopefully other posts will follow soon. Stay safe, Nelson.
  2. Suitable(ish) rolling stock can be easily found through Slaters O gauge wagon kits. They have a number of MR and LMS vans (outside framed) along with open wagons, that could easily pass off without too much work. Paintwork could also make a big difference with plenty of browns/greys with patches of paint work covering old lettering.
  3. Hello, Enlarging the axle boxes too far on Provincial Wagon kits, even if only by a small amount, is easily done. The best way I would personally fix it, is by echoing what NIR said above. A brass bearing should fit nicely and give the axle somewhere correct to rest. The axle box may need opening up even more to accept the brass bearing, but take it nice and slow, checking now and then for fit and you should be good to go! Good luck! Nelson.
  4. I noticed this too but have yet to see any photos of the actual model, which makes me wonder if they have changed their plans? Hattons recently showcased that Dapol are making a UTA livery variant. This is what I had mentioned to a friend, nothing official/factual, just my theory. "I noticed that about Dapol changing their plans as well... Rather strange, but the UTA livery must be more attractive to them/their customers. If I recall correctly there is another NCC O gauge livery jinty on the market, albeit from one of the retro/tinplate companies, so I wonder if that swayed their decision at all". Nelson.
  5. Hello everyone, I hope we are all safe and sound during these awful times! The only good thing to come from it however is more time at the workbench! For me I have now finished university, and due to the pandemic it was a rush of chaotic mayhem, but I'm glad to say everything is done and dusted! I was also selected for a job interview, but due to the virus, this has been postponed. So it's just a waiting game. Enough about real world problems, me and rubbish! I almost visit the forum daily and it's just so good to check out what other people are getting up to. So I hope to do the same! There have also been a number of notifications from post reactions and approval, from over the past couple of months, which I am very grateful of, so thank you! During my time at university, my modelling has been progressing at a snails pace! And even at that, my military modelling comes out on top! So hopefully that'll change. One thing I did do over lockdown was restore this NCC rail chair. I obtained it a while ago and decided to clean it up using a wire brush. Once that's done, gave it a coat of red oxide, gloss black and outlined the letters in white. Take care! Nelson.
  6. Thank you for the tag Midland Man, and to JHB for posting that picture of WT No2, it really is the bees kness! With regards to my model, I don't have it now as it was a commission, but I based it off the quote from "UTA in colour". It states that U2 No80 was painted in olive green... What shade? I'm unsure, so I felt that a dark olive green colour would suit best and applied the letters "UT" as they were seen on some engines during the early years of the UTA.
  7. Brilliant find! The "War Years Remembered" Muesum is within the same complex, if you are considering exploring the area!
  8. Now that is very good news! I got one a while back, but struggled to find what I could do with it, apart from spending it in Halfords...
  9. Hello all, I plan to come down to the show on Sunday, making use of the enterprise from Belfast. However can someone please advise me on how to get to the show once I arrive in Dublin? I recall someone said that the DART won't be in operation during those dates. Thank you in advance, Nelson.
  10. I built a representation of these wagons (seen below) a couple of years ago. They are not entirely accurate, but very close. These were straight "Cambrian Models" wagon kits, the exact code, I am unsure of, but still easily obtainable direct from the new owner of the company.
  11. Nice job! Keep at it, looking forward to see future progression!
  12. The tender springs are quite interesting as mentioned by georgeconna. They seem to be missing the supports either side that bring them down onto the tender footplate.
  13. Just incase anyone wasn't aware of this, hattons have a sale ongoing at the moment. https://www.hattons.co.uk/NewsDetail.aspx?id=377 One very good bargain in particular that stuck out to me was the D16/3 at only £55. And there are O gauge Jinty's for around £150
  14. Thank you, it's actually a kit from parkside dundas.
  15. Hello all, thought I would share this. Started it two years ago, but had issues with the running qualities, so recently I took it back out and stripped it down and improved the running. Now I'm happy that its complete and finished. Thanks, Nelson
  16. I wouldn't say the RPSI would get told off too much, after all the driver and fireman are IE employees afterall?
  17. Here's my finished kit, more pictures can be seen on my workbench thread. Nelson
  18. Hello all, I believe this is the first model that I have completed in 2018, started it at the Bangor show and I'm happy to finish it. Still need to add couplings and transfers (I completely forgot about them) thanks, Nelson.
  19. Hello all, Not too sure whether this is going to be successful or not but I am after a OO gauge resin kit of the NIR Hunslet, the body kit or casting will be fine for me, so if anyone has one they are wanting to get rid of, let me know! Thanks in advance, Nelson.
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