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Lesson learned ....

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Well I decided to install some point motors this evening so all was going really well, there was to be two sets of points controlled by one switch to allow trains move from the inner to the outer loop. Connections all looked good, even used a CDU! All soldered, taped up, tidied away the wires, motors screwed down - nice decisive action on both points - 2 hours work and very pleased.....


but, what did I forget to check.......


(anyone like to guess ??)


If I said they were Hornby Surface Mount motors it might give you a hint....


First train approaches the points, loco comes through no problem, first coach comes in ...... CRASH - What about the bloody clearance !!!! I'd installed the motors on the 'inside' of the curve and the coaches wont clear as the underside gets caught on the point motor as body swings - AGHHHHHHH :((:((


I really couldnt face redoing the majority of it again tonight so I ripped them out and will see if I can move them to the other side of the points, space is a problem on one of the points but might just about make it. I know the underneath motors are probably better but I'm still just working on a very temp layout which is actually sitting on the dining room table so limiting in what I can do! Attic conversion is on the way so I guess better to make these mistakes now rather than on the final layout.


Important lesson learned I think!

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