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New Provincial Wagon and kit offer

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I've just updated my website for the first time in a while. See -




I am offering a variation on my 9 ton van - the same mould is used, but it will be lettered up for the SLNCR, which had several of these vans (the website points you at the evidence!), which were deemed SEVEN ton vans on that line!


I have supplies in stock again of the GNR 9 ton van, the GN cattle wagon, CIE Guinness skeletons and the tubs to go on them.


The other news is that I will, in future, offer all of my wagons in kit form, for around £20 - £22 (circa €26), including wheels, couplings, transfers, post paid.


A bit less, if bought in bulk - one customer recently bought a dozen cattle wagon kits and saved himself a lot over the individual price.




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Kits of all my wagons AVAILABLE NOW!


I have IN STOCK kits of every handmade wagon I have produced. That is GNR(CIE) brake van; GNR Cattle Wagon; SLNCR Cattle Wagon; GNR 9 ton van; GNR Loco Coal Wagon.


Order now for immediate delivery, or reserve yours for picking up at Bangor on 12 April.


Kit includes wheels, couplings and transfers.


If you are modelling on 21mm gauge, we will supply without the chassis and wheels and suitably reduce the price.


I have not repeated this information on every page of my website where the RTR wagon is described, as the price is pretty well the same throughout.


Price £22.50 or €27.00, which includes postage. Except for the -


GNR (CIE) brake van is dearer at £28 or €34


If you want several kits, I will give you a little discount, as I save on postage, etc - the kit won't go as a Large Letter which is a pain, but I can get several in a "Small Parcel".


HEALTH WARNING: Until we see how well the kits sell, they come with a uniform set of instructions - namely those written for the GNR Cattle wagon, which has sold pretty well in this form. So beware, you will have to work out what is what on the other wagons - that said, most kits are just over a dozen parts! Easier than building an Airfix "Spitfire"?


As is common with resin kits, you will have to clean up the castings before use - take a look at the photo of the Cattle Kit on the GNR pages of my website.



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