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Ready to Run Great Northern loco, sometime?

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This thread is started, in answer to a comment by Mayner, quoted below.



"A master for a resin UG should be fairly straight forward to produce. Alternatively if you can find a builder the Worsley Works UG might be a workable alternative for batch building, especially if it can be made to fit on a Bachmann SECR C Class chassis.




Well, John and others -


I now know THREE attempts at doing a rtr UG, without going the expensive Worsley route - not everyone is happy to pay £400 plus for a handmade engine!


I had hoped to get "My Man" Michael to do a resin body / tender to sit on an existing chassis - he favoured the Bachmann J39, which was close on wheelsize, spacing etc. However, his stroke may have scotched that.


Then another friend is looking at doing a brass one, in batches, as John suggests - I've seen a cab to date! This would be a pretty expensive engine by the time you pay for a modeller's time. Certainly for the purist, but not for the "average" enthusiast, who may be happy with a "close-enough" loco?


Finally, GLR3D unwisely sent me a photo of an early attempt of his - so he is being mercilessly pursued to do a complete job!


Don't hold your breath, gents, but I am still on the case with this one. It would be nice to point to a complete train that wouldn't exist without my prompting! You may be sure of my enthusiasm to do this, as i haven't got a UG myself!




PS Richard (GLR3D)'s little JT is pretty close to be a quick win rtr loco, but it doesn't have quite the appeal of a UG!

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