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Masking curves on locomotive fronts.

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Not the easiest thing to get completely accurate and is so obvious if its not. This is my current method but I’m sure that are other better ones out there.


I measure out the pattern and draw it on MS Publisher. That way the curves are completely accurate. I magnify the drawing up to 400% to get everything right. Then it a matter of selecting the drawing (using the select objects button) and paste into Word and print it off.




I apply a length of Tamiya Masking Tape to my cutting mat and then place the pattern on top of it cutting through the paper and masking tape underneath.




It’s straight forward applying the tape if the surface is flat but invariably there will be lights in the way. If that’s the case I place the tape over the light marking out it’s circumference and using a small drill to get the center. Then I put the tape back on the cutting mat and drill a larger hole and make a number of small cuts across the hole. It’s worthwhile using a new cutting blade.



Then place the tape back over the area gently easing it over the headlight and cutting off any waste.




Don’t forget the mirror image of your pattern to mask for the second colour.


Hope this makes sense.

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