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Hello from Virginia Beach, VA......

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Good morning, my name is Tom Sullivan (Tommy).  I'm new to this forum and have becoming very interested in the Irish narrow gauge lines.

I'm currently building a 15mill. model of a Ballymena and Larne engine #6.  I hope to post some photos of her construction and will certainly have many questions to ask of this group.

(I've been acquiring as many books on the Irish lines as I can find for reference material, but I'm really in need of a source of plans for locos and rolling stock of any/all of the 3' lines in the North and South.)

Thanks in advance.......Tommy



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Hi tommy

These chaps may be able to help in sourcing drawings, they hold a lot of drawings for Irish, not sure if they have much NCC stuff but worth a try;-


These chaps have a lot of narrow gauge drawings in published booklets and in an archive, you may have to be a member to purchase? but you can view the lists on the site , they cover a lot of Irish Narrow Gauge Lines and may have what your looking for;-


Worsley Works do a few stock kits;-


and another link that may help;-


Good luck


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