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N scale bridge

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Just curious..I'm currently building an n scale 8x4 layout.

I've used a truss bridge, but I also have another - Hack Brucken Kn20-2. I was wondering if I should use this (as I prefer it) as the pantographs will be down on the locos.  However if I did ever decide to have the pantographs up, it would hit the bridge as the clearance is not much.


Any thoughts?


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Hi Fergus

This is very much a personal decision and is just one of the many decisions to be made by modellers about what is the best option in a specific case.

My personal view is that if you are not going to put in over head wiring then you will never need the pantographs to be up. On that basis use the Hack Brocken.

I have a German layout which I am currently rebuilding and I am installing a Faller bridge. When I assembled the bridge, the instruction gave me the option not to include the 2 end pieces in the bridge roofing as by doing so I would not be able to have the pantographs up. I made the decision to put in the end pieces as I did not envisage putting in over head wiring.  if I ever change my mind i will need a new bridge or maybe a new layout.


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