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Various OO Scale Trains for sale (the second batch)

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Some more things for sale.

First a Bachmann "Irish Railway" loco and coaches...


  • 2-6-0 loco (unnumbered), 1st/3rd coach (number 2097), 3rd coach (1333), 3rd/brake (number 1096). €120 for the set.
    No box or track with them. Have HO style couplings.


  • Hornby R2130 - Coras Iompair Eireann 0-4-0T, Industrial Locomotive - €50


  • Lima Black and Orange Coach - one OO style coupling, the rest are HO style x2 - €25 each


  • Hornby R2008 - Railfreight, Diesel Electric Shunter Class 08 - missing back coupling, and body not properly attached as a result, but mechanism runs very smoothly - €15


  • Hornby R2008 - Railfreight, Diesel Electric Shunter Class 08 - boxed - €40


Plus some items still available from last week...

  • Bachmann Silver 74701 - HO Passengar Cars, Irish Railways, Third Class (coach number 1095) - €40
  • Dapol - MAR1001 - CIE 1950s Coach - €40


  • Hornby R409 BR Ex LNER Composite Coach (Blood & Custard) - Used - €10
  • Palitoy Mainline 37-111 BR Corridor Coach (Blood & Custard) x2 - Used - €15 each


I've more to list, but it's time consuming to go through everything, so it will probably take a few weeks to get through it all.

Hope these are of interested to people here.


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