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  1. Fantastic bit of modelling. For some reason, whenever I see brass, my brain thinks O gauge or bigger. It's only in the shots of you holding a part that I can really appreciate the scale.
  2. I see the problem. How much width do you have in the mid section? The body design would presumably be fairly easy to extend to a 071, but that's going to be even harder to find a chasis for! James
  3. Thanks for these. They look pretty good. I've been impressed by the amount of detail card models can get with layers of card, so I'd like to see what can be achieved with rolling stock. However, at N-gauge a lot of flat printed detail will look pretty good. I'm working on a basic coach shell at the moment, and when I get the shape right I can work on skinning it. I'd also like to see what can be with glass in windows. Thanks for the ideas. James
  4. Regarding motor chassis options, have you investigated the Tomytec TR-01 or TR-03? They are 70mm long, so perhaps slightly short for the 141, but not unfeasibly so. Seem to be fairly inexpensive on eBay. Here's a data sheet: http://trains4africa.co.za/?p=4226 I've no experience of it (yet!).
  5. Presumably a repaint of a UK DMU? It's a lovely paint job, but it has commuter style double doors ar 1/3 and 2/3 rather than single doors at the ends. This probably wouldn't bother a lot of people, but for me just means they look wrong, even from a couple of metres.
  6. Awesome stuff. I am definitely interested in both this and the DART!
  7. Hi Eoin, I'm new to the forum, but I've recently been getting into N-scale building with Metcalfe kits and ScaleScenes self print models, and I've been really impressed with the level of realism that can be achieved. I've been wondering if card rolling stock could be a viable option. For one thing, respraying UK stock models tends to produce less than satisfactory results, and destroys the resale value of the "donor" models. However, card models could allow the chassis and bogies of off-the-shelf models with card uppers would allow the donor model parts to be stored for later reassembly if resale required. The 141 is a very challenging shape to start with, and I think you've done a fantastic job. I actually like the uncoloured version, and I'd encourage offering that as an option. I think pairing it with the Kato chassis is a great idea, as they seem to be available cheaply on Amazon. Offering them pre-cut and scored would be fantastic, but if that is proving problematic, would offering a self-print kit be a less stressful way of making it available? Other things that this approach might work well for would be DARTs (I think you've already done most of the work for this at OO scale) and Irish coaching stock. James
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