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  1. Haha, yes, I got the colour listing the wrong way round. 🤦🏻‍♂️ thank you for the info too. paul
  2. I’m now looking at making up a train of grey/blue stripe coaches for the enterprise train. With that in mind does anyone know what the interior seating colours would have been on these coaches? The beige colouring of the Lima donor models just doesn’t look right against the grey of the exterior. Many thanks in advance of any help. Paul
  3. Nice one. Thank you Robert. Off to Halfords I go. 😆 Paul
  4. Could someone suggest a suitable rattle can colour for the base grey of these old Enterprise coaches? I will probably buy the Railtec blue stripe decals to overlay but need this base colour applied first. Many thanks in advance. Paul
  5. PaulC

    IE logo period

    Perfect, thank you all for the info. Looks like I’m off to shop for some suitable IRM wagons now. 😉 Paul
  6. I’ve just received my first Irish loco in the guise of 071 number 085. Knowing nothing about the history of the liveries on these units would someone mind enlightening me as to the period this particular loco ran. If possible I’d also like to know what sort of stock the loco would have hauled. Many thanks in advance. Paul
  7. Whilst the comparisons between operations in Ireland and that of the mainland may be fanciful I would take the positive out of this in that the notions of a better service between both cities is at least being discussed. Will anything change in the near future? Hard to tell but at least discussions are being had and the railways aren’t being entirely forgotten in favour of roads. Paul
  8. According to their Facebook page the show is on until 5 both days. Paul
  9. Looking forward to the event, I’ll most likely be attending on the Sunday. Paul
  10. I’ll follow this with interest Tommy. Having embarked on a layout that will incorporate Ballymena Railway station, albeit in OO gauge to your 15 mil, this will fascinate me. Paul
  11. Looking really good Tony. I’ve subbed you in anticipation of lots of moving action. 😁 Paul
  12. I really like the look of that, you are maximising the use of the baseboards with the positioning of the shed in that corner yet it doesn’t feel crammed in. Paul
  13. I need to visit Dublin again. When you mentioned this building I googled it (Jeeves was having a lie down!) to see what it looked like. The skyline of the city has changed dramatically from the last time I was there so for now your layout will have to be my map. Paul
  14. Glad to see I’m not the only one painting the rails with a paintbrush.🤯 Paul
  15. You may have had to chop a bit off that shed but you’ve captured the essence of the building perfectly. Your woodworking skills shine through once again. Paul
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