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Help please re decoder probs

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Hi to all

im like a @@@@@@@@ antichrist here

i just dont know whats going on

i have 3 baby gm,s 2 bachmann steam locos one american diesel { ALL CHIPPED }

whatever i done this morning i have lost all { nothing running now at all }

i use the hornby dcc controller

the 3 baby gm.s are fitted with chips from marks

the bachmann american diesel is fitted with a bachmann

one of the steam locos is also fitted with a bachmann

and the other with a hornby decoder

when i go to programme the dcc it flashes 8 times

should only flash 7 { according to the manual }

i know { hope } this is an easy fix as you guys will be well up on this subject

just damm frustating

i need to programme all the locos and LEAVE them on the track i suppose and stop lifting them off and putting them back


any help as always much appreciated


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By the time I got to your state I'd be looking at doing a factory reset on the controller!


Which btw on the Hornby Select =


Press and hold the 'STOP' '<' '>' keys all together, it should then show 'CS', press 'select' the display should show '0', press 'select' again, the display should show '03' and that's it!


btw this does NOT affect the locos!!







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