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  2. Confirmed by Dapol? ALRIGHT!! Smoke gens, in diesel models. Hmmm. I'm not over enthused. ESU fit them to their HO Class 66 and Class 77s (among others). Search youtube for 'ESU Class 66' - it looks wrong to me, smoke does not 'scale' very well. Anyway, I'm off to save my money for the Dapol 59, got to collect 'em all!
  3. DJ Models, or DJM (Dave Jones formerly of Dapol) announced it in OO, however the owners of the 1:1 locos and their livery rights, proved uncooperative, causing Dave to have to take the decision to cancel the model. There are still rumours of Dapol themselves doing a OO 59 swirling about, but if I were you, I would not hold my breath.
  4. Being as I'm a complete GM nut a 121 please!
  5. The only possible improvement that I could suggest on 087 would be something like photo etched door skins for the open door - not that there are any commercially available! Many of the pics I had to blink twice to forcefully remind myself they weren't 1:1 scale
  6. Remarkable job you've done there Gerry - it looks and 'feels' like the place. Grey skies are about right too! What you've done with the continuation under the bridge is very reminiscent of what used to be at Dolgellau, about forty miles further up the line towards the coast. I don't think I've ever seen Metcalfe kits used to represent an actual prototype so well. I showed the the former CME of the Llangollen Railway the first pics on the thread, without telling him what scale it was, or even where it was supposed to be a model of - He said 'He's got Llan just right' - then I told him it was 'N'…. His face was a picture! -Rob
  7. Gerry! So far, so very good indeed! I had to keep reminding myself that this was N gauge! The platforms at LLan are very long indeed, with that sweeping curve to take them away from the river. For those that don't know, the footbridge on the down side is very disconcerting for travellers that use it in that is cantilevered out over the river - fine in Summer, but after the recent Winter, if you look down through the gaps in the footboards all you can see is a boiling seething torrent! You've very much captured the feel of the place - being on a shelf between the river and the hill… I could go on and on, but Gerry, you are very much on the right tracks (sorry!) I was concerned when you said that Llangollen was your next project, being as it is near and dear to me in 1:1 scale - I worried needlessly, even at this early stage, 'I could be there'. I am very much looking forward to progress updates! -Rob
  8. From a modeller's perspective - not that modellers need much excuse anyhow - 220 out of all the releases covers the widest possible time period, with it's unplated steps and being one of the last into 'Intercity' livery. It also runs (ran?) without a silencer for a fair while making a very pleasant thunder....
  9. I just assumed beer was the reason...
  10. That's rather nice Fran <he said, trying to remove all traces of envy from his voice>. I've never been terribly convinced by Athearn's SD40s - I've got an MRL unit that doesn't get much running. As for high hoods, I tend to prefer them in their later guises with NS, ditchlights an' all - the most convincing model that I've yet seen was Kato based with Cannon nose - Jon Grant's for 'Sweet Home Alabama' if I remember correctly. Cheers again for the pics Fran -Rob
  11. High hood SD40 y'say? Pics, or it didn't happen!
  12. Regarding content Dave, you're doing such a good job (sincerely) it almost seems heretical to to make a suggestion! Somewhat oddly, I have the most trouble sorting out the more recent stuff from Paddy, like, say the 2d coaches. Just know that you have at least one supporter of your work on this side of the water! Regards, -Rob
  13. Signal, just check the position of the lighting switches on the bottom of the loco, try the loco with the switches in alternate positions - the switches are supposed to be for DC running, but we're clutching at straws here! -Rob
  14. Great job on the photos Eamonn! Is this a travelling exhibition layout, or a club room layout? -Rob
  15. That's fair enough then. I had a brief panic when mine was new and none of the lights would work - I hadn't seated the chip down fair enough.... Everything else worked except the lights. Thinking on, one of my ESU chip's lights won't function if the chip is seated all the way down, it need a fingernail's depth between the socket and the chip. Being as the lights are all dependent on F0 being on, press F0 three times and check both ends of the loco after each keypress. My brain takes a day off most days but doubly so on Sundays, so that's all I can think of so far... (!) Hope you get it sorted soon, -Rob ps btw Gareth sent me this function list for 112: 1. STARTUP/SHUTDOWN 2. SHORT HORN 3. LONG HORN 4. PLAYABLE HORN 5. AIR RELEASE 6. AIR DUMP 7. STOWING COUPLING 8. UNCOUPLING 9. FLANGE SQUEAL 10. RED TAIL LIGHTS (Directional) 11. HEADLIGHTS (Directional) 12. CAB LIGHTS (Directional) 13. FADE OUT 14. BELFAST CENTRAL - DUBLIN CONNOLLY 15. BELFAST CENTRAL - NEWRY 16. TRAIN OUT OF SERVICE Apart from the NI specific announcements, I'm guessing your listing is pretty similar.
  16. Just to be clear, what chip are you using in the loco?
  17. I'd say not. Bringing it out into the public domain has brought more minds to bear upon the problem, and for solutions to be presented - like Barl's CD case louvres idea (simple but effective!) - Ger went away and followed the idea, and posted a pic to show convincing it looked. Hopefully further remedies will present in the future. -Rob
  18. Gareth, I wish you well in the move to the new premises - I hope to come on over in person one day! -Rob
  19. I hope this little addendum to his listing doesn't cause problems for the completion of the sale: It actually made what near to what my best guess was - 900eur - still a good buy for the buyer nonetheless.
  20. As an altogether different solution to this issue longer-term, I was wondering aloud to myself earlier on... Would it be better/possible to supply the resin body with NO roof detail, but have that detail then built up with various wrappings and layers of etched brass material, in a sort of halfway house to an etched brass kit? Give the purchaser a map of the roof and accurate measurements as to which bit goes where. Why do I suggest that? We generally look down on our railways, so any roof faults tend to be more than obvious - so as a matter of priority, the roof needs looking at first, the rest is less pressing rather than unimportant. If an etched remedial action was to be undertaken, sanding the roof would need to be done, and I would suggest a roof profile (a jig if you will) could be made available to enable the left->right profile to be addressed through accurate sanding. The grilles would be tricky to make an etching for because the grilles on the real loco appear to have been fitted from behind the body panel, rather than bolted to the front - though from the suggestion a few posts up, would you believe I've just been through my entire CD and CD-ROM collection? There's quite a variation in the finesse of some of those potential grilles there! The lights, I suspect could be rescued by a little careful razor sawing from below, and then be repositioned. The front windows, could be remedied, possibly by filing, filling, and sawing - but I suspect that that would almost certainly be beyond my capabilities. I make these suggestions to both the supplier re: the roof, and the owners re: everything else, to enable the kits in circulation to be brought up to expectation. I say again, that I have been happy with SSM gear in the past, and, if he's still speaking to me(!) I will be again in the future, all things being well. -Rob
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