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7mm NG 21mm track gauges.

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Kelvin White

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Does anybody produce 7mm NG 21mm  track gauges for Kalgarren code 100 flat bottom rail.

potentially  I could try and make some, but if there is a product out there I can buy it would be easier.

I’ve just acquired a Ragstone Models Clogher Valley 0-4-2T etched brass kit and some Roxey Models etched brass CV coach kits. I want to knock up some track and points - copper clad & solder.

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Had mine (a basic roller gauge) made by a friend at the Chatham club, but had it done for Code 83 fb rail, which Peco sell. Might be worth considering this route as CVR track was fairly lightweight and it's no more trouble to make than code 100. The Ragstone kit goes together nicely, likewise the coaches, even though the design must be over 30 years old now.

 Great to see someone else doing 7mms scale, 21mms gauge, so will look forward to seeing how things progress.

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Used Templot 'Irish EM' points plans at 3' radius. Actually 20.2mm, so blew them up to 21mm on the copier. The b2b on Fintonagh is 19mm, with not a lot of leeway before problems start. Make my own axles from 2mm brass wire as I use Kadees and didn't want the uncoupling magnets grabbing steel ones.

 The Branchlines bogie coaches are probably the main limit to minimum radius, but can go round tighter curves of the pivot points are moved in a bit.

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