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Thanecroft Junction in March edition of Hornby Magazine

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Old Blarney's (aka David White) home layout is well-covered in the March edition of the Hornby Magazine.

Six pages of excellent photographs show off a very fine layout, with a short description of the "location" (including the wardrobe). The period shown is a mixture of steam and diesel, more sixties / seventies than 1990s!

David, like most Irish modellers of a certain age, has kit-built and ready to run locos and rolling stock from a variety of sources - SSM, Murphy's Models, Silver Fox and (of course) my own Provincial Wagons. I had never seen my GNR cattle wagons behind a CBSCR 4-6-0T before! The variety of stock shown in the pictures underlines just how far Irish railway modelling has come in the past twenty years and David has shown his stock off amid very well executed scenery. Even car and bus enthusiasts are well catered for in a busy station forecourt scene. Lots of figures "doing things", while one gent, keeping an eye on things, made me wonder if David had put himself on the layout.

Well worth a look and thanks to David for sharing views of his fine layout with us.

Accurascale has a two-page spread announcing their "Manor", Mark 5 carriages (they really do like good) and an exotic animal called a Coil A. Good luck to the lads with those, which look more than promising!

The problem is getting a copy - I had mine posted to me by a kind friend who was not isolating!


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